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What is important to have in a business liability insurance policy?

If you own a business, or if you work for a small company, you know that owning and operating a business is accompanied by a load of new responsibilities.Even if you operate your business with the utmost care and provide the best quality service and product possible, a client of customer could still perceive that you have wronged them in some way.And one of the great horrors as a business owner is a lawsuit against you.Such a thing can be detrimental to your company, not to mention you and your employees.But you know that there is a way out!Liability insurance!Your business can be protected against such disasters with a business liability insurance policy.But before you go purchasing a policy, you need to know what to include in your policy.This article will briefly explain what kinds of things you should have in your business liability insurance policy.

First you need to remember that almost any business needs some kind of liability insurance, especially if you are a small business.A lawsuit can come from the most unexpected places.A customer might trip on a cord as he walks across your office.An employee might fall down a slippery step on her way downstairs.Or a patient thinks that the new toothpaste the dentist used on her teeth made her tongue numb.In all of these situations, angry, unhappy people may decide that they have suffered and that you should have to pay for it.Literally.

Liability insurance protects you from the financial ruin that can come from an uninsured lawsuit.You can be considered liable from many reasons, and it is better to be safe than sorry.Anyone who would rather avoid financial trauma should have liability insurance.It usually covers the damages from the lawsuit as well as the legal costs.It can be purchased in many forms.

- General Liability Insurance: this is the main form of liability insurance for most businesses.It protects your business from injury claims, property damages and advertising claims.
- Professional Liability Insurance: if your business provides a service (especially a medical one), you will probably want to seriously consider this type of insurance.It covers errors, omissions, malpractice, and negligence.In many states, doctors are required to carry this type of insurance.
- Product Liability Insurance: if you are a small business that sells and/or manufactures products, you probably need this type of insurance.This type of coverage is protection in the event that a person becomes injured or ill as a result of your product.

So now that you know what types of insurance are available, let's discuss the things your policy should cover:
- A large amount of money towards the payment required to investigate or defend a claim or lawsuit brought against you.
- Legal defense costs? this should cover attorney's fees, witness fees, police report costs, other court costs, judgment or settlement costs, and premiums for bonds required by the lawsuit.
- Medical expenses? this should include the cost of care, loss of service, restitution for death that may result from the injury.
- Property damage? this should include the cost of the physical damage to the property as well as the loss of use of the property.
- Products-completed operations? this should include payment for damages or legal expenses that occur because of your products or services.
- Personal injury? this may not be a physical harm, but it may be a personal harm.This should cover slander, violation of privacy rights, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution, harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination.

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