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What is Teamspeak and how does it apply in the work place?

Teamspeak is a communication tool that uses the Internet as a highway for delivering clear communication. This is an efficient way that work places can increase efficiency in their business.

With businesses being spread out to so many sites, it is no wonder that there is always a new search for better communication options. There are many ways that companies communicate between employees, teams and sites, however there are positives and negatives with each of these options.

Communication options:

Face to face (great for one on one or meetings, however hard to pull all needed together at the same time in the same place)
Post Mail (slow, but has a hard copy)
Email (faster, but not constant, also not efficient with knowing the immediate result)
Telephone (some increased cost, this can be hard for some smaller businesses, also for multiple people often times the call has to be conference)
Conference call (some cost, mostly a good way of communication, some technical difficulties)

With the newer technologies of Teamspeak, you can talk live, with several people at one time over the Internet.Teamspeak is proprietary voice over IP software that allows which allows many users to speak over chat. This is much like a conference phone call. With Teamspeak, you will likely wear a headset, with an integrated microphone.

Teamspeak was originally targeted toward the gaming community. This software was made for increasing the communication in online games. However, the same possibilities with games became very useful with business.

This software created a revolution in the multiplayer gaming around a couple of years back. Before Teamspeak, people used to use those in game voice commands, which needs the player to press a certain key before talking. That irritates the gamers to say the least. Imagine your enemy standing in front of you and you want to call for help. You start looking for that voice command key and boom, your looking at the stars from a corpse view.

The Teamspeak server currently supports Windows and Linux Operating Systems. The use a web based or telnet interface. This is used to control server administration and settings.

Teamspeak/Ventrilo and other voice chat applications are good if you have a decent connection, but unless you have a constant or regularly-occurring need to hold voice chats, conference calls would still be cheaper at least, unless they use a product often enough to provide a cost benefit over regular calls.

However, even if a company doesn't use it much, I can see some companies buying a product such as this that is marketed to "increase productivity," "allow workers to collaborate at the speed of thought," and "interconnect developers across the globe," even if they don't actually end up using this product much.

Being able to communicate openly increased constant and flowing progressive thought,. This is important in many of the fields out there today. For example, a technical support company can trouble shoot faster and limit the call times just by being able to communicate between technicians.

Get yourself started:

o Download the latest Teamspeak client from
o Connect to one of our public/test servers below. If you successfully installed Teamspeak you should be able to just click on one of the links below and you will automatically be connected
o For a systematic guide to connecting to a Teamspeak server please have a look at the Tutorials section below.

With this option available, I do not see why many companies would not take advantage of these types of programs. The idea of being able to communicate with many people over the Internet getting immediate results is a fast, easy and convenient way to get the ball going on creativity.

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