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What you can do to develop stronger leadership skills

Your main objective as a leader is to get the job done. As a leader you need to make things happen by.

  1. Knowing your goals and objectives and having a plan on how to reach them. Have a clear understanding about your goals and carefully plan on how you will achieve these goals. Have a balance between what you will be doing and what you will be managing others to do.
  2. Build a team that is committed to reaching the objectives. Good communication is critical when building a team. Select the right people for your team. Help your team to develop their skills through training and experience. Manage your team using positive guidance and leadership. Give your people credit for their achievements, but as a leader you must accept responsibility for any mistakes that your people make. You must take the blame for any mistakes or failings made by your team. This will help you to earn respect and trust among your people. To help you build the best team, know yourself. Know your strengths along with your weaknesses. Take appropriate measures to constantly improve yourself and your leadership skills. Encourage your team to improve themselves, as well, through training and education that may or may not be work related.
  3. Help each of your team members to give their best. Make sure your team members have the proper training and/or education needed to achieve the intended objectives and goals. Provide training and/or education to your people, if needed. To avoid failure as a leader, make sure all team members are equipped with the proper training and education and a clear understanding of what is expected. Use positive leadership rather than negative. Express what should be done, not what should not be done. Give your people opportunities to grow. Give proper recognition and/or rewards to your team. Set a good example yourself. The way you conduct yourself and your work will be the most you can expect from your people. Set a high standard, if you set the standard low, you are the only one to blame for the low standards in your people. Keep in mind, leadership requires integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, sincerity, humility, confidence, wisdom, determination and compassion. When it comes to leadership, behavior first, skills second. People trust and respect a good leader. Have faith in your people, give them respect and they will have not only have faith in you but respect you and work hard to reach the team objectives and goals.
Tips to help improve and strengthen your leadership skills:
  • Lead by example, work hard everyday.
  • Help your people when needed to reach goals and objectives.
  • Treat everyone with fairness, equality and on merit.
  • Never get emotionally negative with your people. Do not shout or name call, even if you are upset and angry. Maintain your professionalism at all times.
  • Support and back your people.
  • Try to always do what you say you are going to do. Keep your promises.
  • Manage your time well and help your people to do so too.
  • Encourage your people to continuously grow and improve themselves.
  • Be firm and clear when dealing with unethical or bad behavior.
  • Be decisive, make fair balanced decisions.
  • Be honest and fair.
  • Encourage your people to take on as much as they want to, at a pace they can handle.
  • Promote a positive workplace, smile and encourage others to be happy.
  • Encourage your people to express their ideas, and opinions.
  • Never belittle or punish a person for his or hers ideas, opinions, or feedback.
  • Achieve your objectives and goals, while maintaining your integrity.
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