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Where can I find lists of team building exercises and games?

Finding team building exercises and games is easy, when you know where to look.
There are many places you can find fun, and exciting team building exercises and games. There are many books available with fun ideas in book stores and the library in your hometown, however this article will give you some ideas on where to find these team building exercises and games on the internet.

The best exercises and games are those that get your people on their feet and thinking. People love to have fun, when they are having fun, they tend to learn more. You also get a chance to know each other with team building exercises and games and therefore build up camaraderie.

Whether this is a new thing for your company or an old favorite, remember to keep a few things in mind when getting the team together to try the exercises you find.

1. We are all a kid at heart, in the beginning it may start out slow and awkward, however it will be fun and informative in the end.
2. Keep a few treats and prizes around. Show them off. You want to perk the interest of the more competitive players.
3. Use props. Keep it bright, active and participative.
4. Praise, Praise, Praise. These activities are not for discipline. Have everyone's mind open so to get as much creativity and ideas flowing as possible.

The activities you are looking for will either be broad and you can choose just some fun ideas, or they can be more focused for the issue at hand and you can put more thought into specific activities and games that will fit.

Here are a few websites you can look into to get an idea of what exercises and games you want to try:


There are many other websites but these ones have some very good information on team building games and exercises.

Here are a few example ideas of what you will find in some of these websites. You can take this information and trigger it to your team needs.
Acid River-
Using carpet squares and ropes. Pair up in groups of two. Each pair has two carpet squares and one piece of rope. The acid is everything else, it devours everything else, and nothing other than the carpet, squares are safe. Each pair needs to make it to the end of the river or carpet squares. No one can cross to the next carpets with out each other. If one person falls in the river, everyone moves back. The goal is to get everyone across as a team.
Break the Ice-
Everyone finds a partner, one set of the partners face out in a circle and one set of the partners face in on the circle. Ask them a question and have the partners discuss the question with person that are standing in front of a couple questions. This will take about two minutes. Then you will say switch and the circle will rotate, giving each group a new partner. Repeat this action about 7 times.
This group needs me because?-

In this activity, give each person in the group a sheet of paper. Each person will then take about five minutes to write down why the group or organization he or she are working with needs him or her. Then each one of the individuals should then be asked to walk around the room loudly proclaiming why they wrote those needs down. Then each teammate has a chance to score the presentation. Score on creativity, conviction, and reasons. Then ask processing questions, how it felt, what you think, how do your feel you would progress.

There is a wide range of opportunities for team building exercises and games for practically any budget. There are professional consultants who help companies select and organize such events. Examples of popular and fun activities and games include road rallies, sailing regattas, snowboarding, fly fishing, interactive seminars, and on and on.

The activities can be as simple and affordable as karaoke or as sophisticated and demanding as an African safari. There are books that put together many such kinds of team building ideas. Use your creativity to find what is going to work best for your companies needs.

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