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Where to find business process management tools

Business process management (BPM) refers to a set of activities an organization implements to improve its processes. BPM is proving to be a dynamic solution to some of the most challenging process problems in business today, revolutionizing the way companies operate by improving their productivity and efficiency. A business process management system used appropriately can provide long term benefits. It can cut cost, increase efficiency and enhance customer service.

Before investing in a business process management solution, you need to first decide if a BPM solution is going to be the right choice for your company at this time. Keep in mind implementing a BPM program incurs major upheaval within a company; do you have the resources to help your employees to adapt? If a business process management solution is a choice you feel your company will benefit from, you are now faced with the challenging task of finding a business process management system to fit your company's needs.

Creating a BPM project team can help to deal with this challenge. The team's key responsibilities would include evaluating candidates' products, making the final decision on which business process management system is best for your company, and monitoring the installation. The team should consist of employees that have been educated and are informed about technology. You may also want to include a business process management consultant who has experience implementing BPM solutions. The consultant can help the team evaluate candidates and assist the team to make the best choices for the company.

Choosing a business process management solution involves four major steps:

1. First determine the company's specific needs. This step will require the BPM project team to do extensive research into the design of processes. During this time, the team should lay the general groundwork that will be needed to implement a business process management solution.
2. The second step is to analyze the specific application requirements. The BPM team should then analyze the application so they will have a better idea of the core requirements needed. Analyzing the application will also help the BPM project team understand specific features and functions that are most important to the company.
3. Third, select a business process management vendor/system. Create a list of candidates and narrow the list to only a few finalists based on the needs and requirements of you business. You want to be able to identify a vendor that can provide a solution for business processes comparable to your own. The BPM project team will need to examine the business process management software from a technology standpoint. The BPM solution should have these critical features: design tools and user interfaces; an application programming interface; a process automation and data transformation capabilities. It should also have connectiveservices and business activity monitoring. Also review the business process management vendor, what is the vendor's business strategy? Are their BPM applications similar to your company's? Does the BPM vendor provide much support? These are just a few of the questions that should be asked before making a BPM vendor decision.
4. The final step is to determine the business process management solution's return on investment. Look at financial benefits other than just cost savings. Decide installing the BPM solution is worth it.

Once the business process management solution is installed, the BPM project team should continue to monitor it to ensure that it is meeting the needs of your company. A good business process management system should provide both cost and revenue benefits, while boosting your company's competitiveness. Business process management practices can also be applied to automate routine procedural tasks and improve call center performance.

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