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Why delegating is critical and key for business management

If you've ever been in any form of leadership positions, you know how critical it is to delegate tasks.It doesn't matter if you were a Girl Scout leader or a corporate executive- all types of different leadership positions require that you, as the leader, learn to delegate.Without delegating, it's a sure thing that you'll go crazy, have a nervous breakdown, or your family and friends will hate you because you've become so consumed with work.Just in case you're one of those people who haven't quite figured out the point of delegating, you might want to keep reading and learn why delegating is critical and key for business management.

Like was mentioned above, delegating is critical if you wish to keep your sanity.Let's face it- you're only one person.There's only so much you, as one person, can actually do.This is not a bad thing.It's just a fact of life.You're not superman.You have limits.You may not even be the best one to complete every task- you may have employees who would do a much better job!Once you've accepted this fact, delegating becomes much easier.Think about it.If you're always trying to complete every task, every project all on your own, you're micromanaging.You're probably stressed out and over worked.You're probably sick and tired of whatever project you've been working on.You're not able to attend to the needs of your employees and you're no longer able to see or think clearly.Your employees feel useless and unwanted, maybe even bordering on angry that you won't allow them to participate on various projects.

Now think about what could happen if you learned to delegate.Your days would become smoother.Your employees would feel wanted and appreciated.All the projects and tasks that you have to do would be completed in record time (something about teamwork comes to mind.).You would be able to pay attention to other parts of your company that actually do require your attention, while basic projects are completed by your employees.Your family and your friends are happy because they get to see you once in a while, and you're happy because you're not stressed and overworked.

Now doesn't delegating seem to be a better idea than doing it all yourself?

If you're still not convinced, I suggest that you try it.You'll be surprised at the difference it makes in your life.

So now that you've decided to delegate, here are some tips as to how to go about successful delegation.
- Be specific about what you want to happen.Although your employees are eager to help, they still need you to tell them exactly what they need to do.Be clear about what and when you want something done.
- Let the other person do the task you've assigned.It's no good to delegate a task to someone and then lurk around the corners just waiting to see what s/he will do.Once you've delegated something it's out of your hands and you should avoiding interfering with the process of getting it done.
- Don't delegate too much at once.You don't need to delegate all your tasks all at once.Start small.Your comfort level with delegating will increase over time as you see the job you've assigned be completed successfully.
- Don't give up.If your first experience delegating is not a good one, don't give up on the idea.Try someone else with a different task.Maybe you chose the wrong person for a task.Maybe you didn't explain yourself well enough.Maybe the project was too confusing.just remember that you need to persist to find the right person if delegating a task is going to work.

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