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Finances That Come When Getting Married

Are you getting married soon? Planning to pay for the wedding can be expensive but the costs associated with being married are also expensive! Proper financial planning is necessary before you get married so you know what type of situation you are getting yourself into. It also helps to know what your income and debt situation looks like so you can be open and honest with your new spouse.

Do you have investments? Having the right type of preparation for the future is always something that you need to talk about before you get married. Most employers will offer a 401k or IRA plan to their staff members. Look into the company program to see if it is worthwhile or not. If they do not contribute a decent amount, it may not be an investment worth doing. Instead you should open your own IRA account with ING Direct or another bank. Compare the various types of investment accounts that you can choose from when you are getting married and plan on having some that will pay for your retirement needs.

Getting married is a happy time and it's a time when you both need to really start planning for the future. Will you have a savings account that you can turn to in order to pay for your kids and other things down the road? How about a savings account for emergency needs?

Are you planning to invest in a new home together? Many people like to buy soon after they get married. Look at this option and make sure this is something you both want to do and something that you both can afford to do. It is important that you have plenty of money set aside for a nice down payment on the home. Lenders will look at many things as they are approving you for a home loan. They like to see people that can provide for the down payment amount along with other things such as the costs associated with owning a home. Lenders will also look at your previous finances to see how you have managed your money. They will review your credit rating and determine if you have the right type of financial control to own a home.

Before you invest in a home together, take some time to rent. Learn to save money and to work on your credit rating. You need to be able to work out your financial issues first. Once you have a high credit rating and a stable job, you can move toward investing in a home.

Young couples that are getting married often invest in new vehicles. This is nice to have a new car but invest in one that is affordable. Used cars that have been well maintained can provide you with all that you need! Look for a reasonable car loan and buy something that can properly fit your lifestyle instead of buying new when you are both young and starting out in your careers. When you are young you need to work on saving money!

Open an online savings account and start setting aside money from each paycheck. An online savings account will pay a higher interest rate from other savings accounts so you can earn more money. Focus on creating a savings plan such as setting aside about 10 to 15% of your income toward savings. This is a great way to save money for emergencies but also to have money for a down payment on a home and other things that can happen. Preparation and communication with your financial situation will go a long way in being properly prepared for the future!

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