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The basics of stock market investing

If you want to enter the world of investing, it can be challenging and overwhelming. This can be especially true if you are looking to invest in the stock market. The most important thing to understand is that stock market investing is not, for anyone who is looking to get rich quick. There is a time value that is attached to investing in the stock market. You will need to have considerable patience and be willing to gain experience, before you see the successful results you may be dreaming of. It is also important to understand that the stock market can be confusing and at times even volatile. This means that you must be able to determine the best investing strategy to meet your financial goals, and then stick with it. However, if you can educate yourself well, be patient and be willing to take a long term approach, you can be a successful stock market investor. Here is what you need to know about the basics of stock market investing-

- Determine how much money you want to invest-It is important to realize that stock market investing, is best done when you have some considerable money to invest with. While other investing options can be done with some spare change, stock market investing will need some serious financial backing. However, you should live by the investing rule, that you should never invest money that you can not afford to lose. In addition, you should never use money that is earmarked, for to purchase a house, fund an education, or take care of another large expense, within the next 5 years.
- Determine what you will invest in-It is crucial that you know everything you can about every stock you are considering investing in. You should never make a stock purchase until you have done considerable research on the investment opportunity. Even though you may not be investing thousands of dollars, you still take the time to educate yourself about every investment you make.
- Determine who will help you-Most investors, (even those with considerable experience) choose to utilize the experience and expertise of a stock broker. You want to make sure that you are dealing with the right stockbroker. This means that you will have to take the time to research the different types of stockbrokers, as well. Remember, that this will be the person who will be guiding you in your investment decisions, so choosing carefully, will pay off in the end. There are two different categories of stock brokers. These categories are-
1. Full service stock broker-The most important thing you should realize about this type of broker, is that their services will cost you more. While full service stock brokers usually have the most experience, they usually cost more as well.You will need to keep in mind that you may be paying some hefty fees to use their service, and this can be costly if you are mainly investing in discount stocks. However, if you are full service investor, then you may want to choose a full service stock broker, to help you with your investing.
2. Discount stock broker-It is important to understand that while this type of stock broker can be more affordable, you will not get the highest level of personalized service. This is the downside to using a discount stock broker. However, if you are dealing with discount stocks, or only minimally investing, this would be the right choice, for you.
- Determine how long you want to be in the market-While stock market investing should always be considered a long term investment, you should still have some idea as to how long you want to be in the market. This will help you to determine when is the best time to pull your money, for the highest return possible.

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