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Why manufacturing companies should have a lean office

When manufacturing companies look for ways to make their company lean they often focus on the production process. However, there are other areas of any manufacturing company that should be considered for implementation of lean principles. One of these is the office side of the manufacturing company. It is important to understand that just like implementing lean principles on the production process when you put these same principles into the office it can take time, effort, and resources. However, if you are successful you can turn your office into a lean part of your organization. Lean principles in the office will help reduce the amount of time that employees will spend waiting which reduces the cost of both time and the supplies that are used. Here are some of the direct benefits of why manufacturing companies should have a lean office-

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Why manufacturing companies need a logistics strategy

More and more manufacturing companies are realizing the need for a logistics strategy within their organization. It is important to keep in mind that any particular manufacturing company may need to develop different logistics strategies depending on the number of product lines, number of customers they service, or even countries they are located in. The main reason for developing a logistics strategy is that most manufacturing businesses will be constantly changing and therefore it will affect their logistics. In order to address the dynamic nature of any particular supply chain, manufacturing companies will need to put together and put in place a complete and fully developed logistics strategy. One of the main benefits of doing this will be that any manufacturing company will be able to anticipate changes in the market and make the necessary adjustments without sacrificing the quality of the product they produce.

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Tips for putting Six Sigma into your manufacturing company

Six Sigma has been shown to be one of the most effective lean manufacturing programs. Many different manufacturing companies have successfully implemented Six Sigma and seen an almost immediate reduction in the amount of product defects along with an increase in customer satisfaction. You can use Six Sigma to improve your products and services and offer something better to your customers. However, there are tips that will help you better implement the program. Here are tips for putting Six Sigma into your manufacturing company-

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Tips for inventory control in manufacturing

Inventory control is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Successful manufacturing companies know that they must keep a tight control on their inventory if they hope to run a profitable operation. However, many manufacturing business owners fail to realize the importance of inventory control and allow the day to day demands of running their business keep them from knowing what is going on with their inventory. This can be a serious mistake. Manufacturing companies that fail to control their inventory can soon find themselves in serious financial difficulty. Here are some tips for inventory control in manufacturing-

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How to make your manufacturing warehouse greener

Green manufacturing practices have moved to the forefront of manufacturing. Not to long ago many within the manufacturing industry felt that green manufacturing practices would only be a passing trend. Today, they have been shown to be wrong. More and more manufacturing companies are adopting green manufacturing practices. This is especially true within their warehouse practices. It is also important to note that where warehouses were once only used for storage today manufacturing companies are using them for much more. Many manufacturing companies are incorporating packing, shipping, and other assembly within their warehouse. This makes it even more crucial that the warehouse(s) of any manufacturing company are operating to their green potential. Here is what you need to know about how to make your manufacturing warehouse greener-

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What you should know about outsourcing manufacturing

Many different kinds of companies are turning to using outsourcing for their manufacturing needs. This can be done in several different ways. The company that is looking for outsourcing may only want a single component of a product done in another location or they may be looking for an outsourcer that can do the whole product for them. However, before you simply choose an outsourcing manufacturer it is important to consider several different things. Here is what you should know about outsourcing manufacturing-

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What you need to know about manufacturing overhead

Each type of business has different overhead costs. There are some businesses that you can run with fairly minimal overhead costs. Manufacturing businesses generally don't fall into that category. Most manufacturing businesses have significant overhead. Manufacturing business owners will need to know exactly how much their overhead is and how it affects the price of production. Keep in mind that manufacturing overhead costs are generally those that don't add anything of value to the finished product but do take up time or other resources. The good news is that by understanding what costs fall under the category of manufacturing overhead you can learn to control them and streamline them if possible. Here what you need to know about manufacturing overhead-

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What can lean manufacturing do?

Lean manufacturing has become a cornerstone of the manufacturing industry. More and more companies are looking to implement lean manufacturing not only into their production process but their entire company. Today, there are many different types of manufacturing companies that have been able to show how they have saved a significant amount of money by using lean manufacturing. However, if you are new to the principles of lean manufacturing you may be wondering exactly how it works and what it does. Here is what you need to know to answer the questions- What can lean manufacturing do?

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What Makes Lean Manufacturing Beneficial

There are several different manufacturing programs in which you can implement to make a difference with your company. One of the most popular programs out there is to turn to lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a great program to use in order to reduce waste, eliminate the unproductive tasks and things within the company. You also use it to help your employee think lean, giving them a stronger connection to the company. Implementing lean manufacturing is easy to do and it can be adapted to many different organizations to give you the right type of results that you need to make improvements.

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What Happens With Product Defects?

Have you seen press releases and other things that are released when a company has product defects? Product recalls are costly on your organization as you can deal with lawsuits and many other things. What are the procedures that you need to follow if you have product defects? Each company will have different standards and procedures that need to be followed. Taking the time to create a strong policy for your company is one of the best things you can do in order to maintain a high reputation.

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Using the 5S Lean Manufacturing Process

What are some of the programs being used to improve manufacturing plants? There are a large number to choose from. Six Sigma and lean manufacturing are two of the most popular programs that are often discussed. With lean manufacturing comes a great system to help you identify and eliminate wastes from the organization. One of the tools that is involved with lean manufacturing system is a program referred to as the 5S system. The 5S system of lean manufacturing is a great program to help you identify and eliminate wastes and gives you a system to follow for the future. With 5S you will be able to see a boost in productivity for the company but also higher quality products along with a boost in employee morale as people are working for an organized and structured company.

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Understanding The Process Of Lean Manufacturing

There are several different programs you can implement in order to improve your manufacturing plant. One of the most popular programs out there is to implement lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing will help you to reduce wastes and to provide better products to your customers. When you focus on lean you are able to improve the way in which your company produces its products and also to help you focus on creating a healthier working environment for your employees. Your staff will be able to appreciate working for your company because it is organized and easy to work for. Lean manufacturing helps you to streamline the processes that your company has, which gives you a more efficient and productive company.

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Tips To Keep Production Costs Low

With the economy struggling there are several companies that are having a hard time with the things that are hard to control like overhead expenses. Production costs are one of the things that you need to really look at as they can be a high cost to your company. Production needs to be something that you consider as you are trying to cut costs and to find a way to really save money for the company. Production costs can spiral out of control if you do not manage them and get on top of them quickly. However there are programs and things that you can use in order to keep your production costs low. Here are some tips that you need to follow.

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Things to keep in mind before expanding your manufacturing business

If you own a manufacturing business and are looking to expand it is important to understand that you need to take certain considerations into account before doing so. While it can be easy to simply assume that your manufacturing business is successful enough to expand that isn't the only factor that you should be considering. You need to carefully consider several different aspects before you plunge ahead in an expansion. If you take the time to carefully consider if expansion is right for your business you are much more likely to be successful when you do grow your company. Here are things to keep in mind before expanding your manufacturing business-

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The components of TQM

If you are a manufacturing business owner and are considering implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) then it is crucial to become knowledge about the different components. TQM is a process that can help to improve product quality. It uses a long-term approach at improving production and customer satisfaction while decreasing wastes. Here is a brief overview of the components of TQM-

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