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Best marketing strategies for reaching teens

Teens are the hardest demographic to market to.They are the most challenging and unpredictable group to try and reach.As with any marketing strategy the key is to know who you are trying to sell to and what interests those most.Since most teens are still trying to find themselves and don't always know what they want, it's hard for businesses to find out what most matters to them.

Teens are an important age group to market because they have money coming in from allowances, holidays or jobs, and they don't have any bills to pay yet.Most of the money they have will solely be for entertainment and things they want.This is the last time before they are adults that they can be a little careless with their money and not have to worry about financial things.

Also, a lot of brand name companies want to target teens so that they will become loyal customers throughout their lives.Usually if a teen tries something and likes it, it will become something they will use later on too.

A problem a lot of marketing strategies have when aiming to teens is that they are very obvious about what it is they are trying to do.Teens are very quick to see an advertising attempt, and they will be more likely to automatically ignore it or just not like it.Advertising and marketing online has become difficult because teens are quick to close pop ups and just mark ads as spam.

A way a lot of companies and businesses are trying new marketing strategies is by adding games or prizes to be won along with their products.This is a good incentive to add a little extra to something that a teen might be interested in.It has been shown that prizes to win gaming systems has been a huge it when marketing to teens lately.Also, most kinds of electronics like MP3 players, iPods, and anything to do with cell phone is a good prize to attract teens. Teens definitely need more incentives then other age groups when it comes to purchasing products.

Music is a great marketing tool to use when advertising to teens, especially if it is a well known artist you can get to advertise.Subconsciously, teens will be singing that song to themselves and remembering your product long after the jingle is heard.Plus, since most teens watch T.V. or listen to the radio, this is a good sure fire way to reach them.

Price and quality are going to be important to teens as well as any other demographic type.Price will be important in a different way to teens though then say to their parents.Parents are going to shop around and look for sales and who has the best deals.Teens don't really care about one store to another; the business just needs to make sure that the price point is going to be affordable and obtainable by the teens.We all know that certain stores or brand names just aren't "cool" to some teens.To make sure that your business or brand isn't one of those there are two ways you can do that.First is to make sure you put out good quality items and friends of the teen who bought from you don't think your stuff is cheap looking or cheap quality.The other way to do this is to sell your products at a cost that is affordable but not too cheap.Sales and low prices aren't always going to be the big selling point or the cool thing for teens to be drawn to.

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