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How to do an email blast that works

One of the new marketing techniques that has come from the computer age is the email blast.Email blast software enables you to send out mass emails to potential customers.If you use the right program to target the right audience, email blasts can be extremely successful and economical.Some programs allow you to make hundreds of contacts for every penny you spend.Of course, not all email blasts are as effective as others are.Here are a few tips for creating email blasts that work.

Use non-spam email techniques-your carefully worded emails will not reach the intended audience if they end up zapped out of cyberspace by spam filters.When selecting an email blast software or program make sure that the program features non-spam technologies.You should also word the content of the email to make sure that your advertisements aren't filtered out because of questionable content.Getting the email into your potential customer's inboxes is the first step in an effective email blast.

Target your demographic-by considering the options available through the various email blast programs, you will be able to find a program that will enable you to reach your target audience.You should find a program that offers demographic options that are as specific as possible.Check to see how often the email lists are updated and try to find lists that are updated as often as once a month.Also, consider what audiences you will be able to target.Email blast lists that are obtained through clicks on special interest websites will be most valuable to you if you are offering a special interest commodity.Similarly, clicks to entertainment websites will be valuable if you are offering entertainment.Make sure you are able to match your email blast to your target audience.

Send out professional copy-if you get the right email blast program and you are able to contact a good number of prospective clients, you can lose them all if your ad isn't written well.The trick is to hook the reader in the first line of the ad.Hooking them with the subject line is even better because it ensures that your email will be opened rather than clicked into a deleted files bin.If you do not employ a professional copywriter, you might want to hire one for this project.Carefully selected words and a carefully crafted ad will make or break your email blast.As long as you are spending the time and the money to send out an email blast, it is important that you ensure the quality of the content.

Provide links and contact information-you don't just want people to read your ad; you want them to act on it.One of the great advantages of the internet is that once you have a person's attention you can direct them right onto your web page and into your virtual store.Provide links to your webpage in your email ad.Spend some time and money updating your website if you haven't already.As a marketer, you know how important first impressions are.Work on making a great first impression by providing potential clients with a creative, innovative, and user-friendly webpage.If you are selling products, have buying options easily available and make sure that your web site is secure.

Consider the day of the week-one final thing to consider when sending out an email blast is the day of the week that the email will reach your customer's inboxes.There are good statistics that show more emails get opened on Sunday than any other day of the week.Surprisingly, Saturday is one of the days of the week that emails are rarely opened.If possible, aim for a Sunday or a Monday delivery of your blast.

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