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Marketing to a middle aged man, what to consider

Knowing how to market to the middle-aged man is important to any business. The baby boomers (who are currently the middle-aged) make up the largest demographic out there and the better a company can market to them, the higher their profit and popularity will be. When marketing to a middle-aged man there are few important things to consider.

One of the things to keep in mind is the middle-aged man's life experience.They've seen a lot of progress in their lifetimes - from the growing popularity of television, the various social movements and changes, and the advent of the computer. Because of their life experience, they have a lot to offer, since they've seen such a broad spectrum of growth and invention.

Since the middle-aged man has seen so much progress in various areas of technology, entertainment, politics, and social movements, he isn't new to adapting to new things. At the same time, though, he appreciates familiarity and having a clear understanding. This may sound conflicting, but it isn't if you target your market just right. Make a point to recognize the past and the middle-aged man's experience then show how this new addition (your product or service) can add to his life experience.

Another way to market to this age group is to feature famous people that are their age - actors, athletes, comedians, or musicians. This is a good strategy when marketing to middle-aged men for a couple reasons.

One reason is goes back to the idea about their life experience. Usually, the famous people that are middle-aged will remind the men you're marketing to of days gone by. It creates a sort of nostalgia for the past, a familiarity when approaching the new.

Another reason to use famous middle-aged people in marketing is that it helps establish a sense of trust. The middle-aged man feels a sort of connection with figures they've grown up with. As a result, they will make positive associations about your company's product or service because of their associations with that famous person. The key when using this marketing tool is to find the right person who will create these positive feelings of familiarity and trust.

While reflecting on the past and encouraging a sense of familiarity is important when marketing to the middle-aged man, keep in mind that middle-aged men today aren't afraid of trying new things. They enjoy new technology and ideas because for various reasons. One is that it makes them feel young and with the times. Also, middle-aged men usually have more disposable income and can spend money on the latest and greatest things.

Although middle-aged men have more money to spend, they still appreciate a good deal and many are willing to do the research necessary to get a good deal. This probably stems from what their parents taught them about frugality. The baby-boomers are often children of those who lived through the Great Depression - as a result, they were taught to be wise about spending. To appeal to these notions of frugality and their search for a bargain, use sales, coupons, and other money-saving options when marketing to this demographic.

Finally, another way to market to the middle-aged man is to appeal to their desire to stay and feel young. More and more, products and services to this demographic appeal to the need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. This generation of men don't consider themselves old (everyone is always saying things like "50 is the new forty" or "60 is the new 50" when referring to age). If you market something to them with any indication that they are a member of the aging, elderly population, your ad will definitely fall flat and turn this demographic away.

The middle-aged man is somewhat of a complicated demographic. There are many factors to consider. The key is to find the right balance of old and new. Once the baby boomer demographic is tapped effectively, any company will benefit from this huge group of consumers.

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