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Problems that can arise in your marketing budget


The purpose of creating a marketing budget is to help you track how much money is being spent on marketing and how the money is being spent in marketing. When creating a budget you will be setting aside a certain amount of money for the various areas of marketing that your company plans to participate in, but you will also be assigning a specific dollar amount to each tactic.

The thing is that no matter how well prepared your budget is, problems can still arise. One of the main reasons that problems arise in the budget is that there was not enough money allocated to that section of the marketing budget. There are numerous other problems that can be caused in the budget, as long as you recognize the problem before it gets out of hand there will be no long-term problems from it.

One of the most common problems you will see when creating any kind of budget is overstating your marketing projections. Part of the reason that this happens is that people dream big, so they think that their business will do a lot of business in a short amount of time. To help get this business going people will overstate how much money they will be making, which in turn can lead to overstated numbers in the marketing budget.

Overstated projections do not occur on purpose, nor are they done to mislead investors, most of the time they happen because people just want their business to succeed, so they think positively. To spot this problem what you need to do is look for larger numbers in the sales area, you can compare these numbers to what the business has done before, and if it is a new business, you will want to compare the numbers to other businesses in the industry. If these numbers are a lot bigger than others you can beat all of the budget is going to be overstated.

Mismanaging the advertising time line is another common problem that is discovered in marketing budgets. How this ends up happening is that the advertising costs are being shown as a percentage of sales in the period you are creating the budget for. What should be done is that advertising costs should be shown as a percentage in the period before the sales that resulted from that advertising campaign. The reason for this is that the advertising that your business is doing is what helped you get the sales, so you cannot realistically expect your advertising to affect your sales during the same period. The best way to watch for this problem is to look at your advertising expenses and ensure that they are for the period before, so that your sales are a result from the last advertising.

When preparing a budget the hardest part is determining what amount of money you are going to need to set aside for marketing. Many businesses find it hard to determine all of the various costs that are associated with the marketing plan, so they never set aside enough money to cover everything. In other cases, people request less money than what they will need for the marketing costs in the hopes that their budget will be accepted because it is not for a large amount. If you do not set aside enough money to complete your projects, including marketing, your project is not going to be successful. With marketing if, you only market your business half way, your sales will be affected negatively because you will only reach half of your target market. The only way to spot this problem is to know your business, plus how much money will be needed to complete the projects.

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