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The criticisms of a marketing mix approach to marketing

If you have any kind of knowledge about marketing then you should be aware of a term called a marketing mix. You should also be aware of the four P's that are used to create the marketing mix. For those of you who are unaware of the four P's that are used to create the perfect marketing mix let's take a minute to review them. The four P's of marketing are: product, price, place, and promotion. Basically what happens in creating the perfect marketing mix is you need to take all four of the P's into consideration, when taking them into consideration basically what you are going to do is to create a "recipe" for your product or service that will bring it to the public's eye. But you are also going to be creating the right combination for your marketing strategy that will allow you to improve your results and your marketing effectiveness.

While many people think that creating the right marketing mix is the most important aspect of your marketing plan there are people who do not agree with this theory and therefore do not practice this theory. In fact the people who do not agree with creating a marketing mix often criticize the whole marketing mix concept. One of the most common criticisms about creating a marketing mix is that the marketing mix approach can actually lead to unprofitable decisions because of the fact that the decisions are not based on financial objectives; basically those objectives would be increasing shareholder value. But the funny thing is that the people who believe this criticism don't think that the marketing mix in itself is a bad idea; they just think that the objectives and approach used to creating the perfect marketing mix should be changed to focus on increasing a shareholders value rather than on the four P's of marketing.

But this is not the only bad thing that is being said about the four P's of marketing and creating the perfect marketing mix. In addition to the fact that people think the marketing mix should be focused on increasing shareholders value there are others who think that in general the marketing mix is only aimed at consumer markets. Basically what this means is that these people think that the marketing mix is only focusing on the consumer end of products and there is not a good enough model for industrial product marketing. And still other people think that the marketing mix concept is only focused on the product marketing side of things and tends to ignore the marketing problems for businesses that provide a service rather than a product.

But regardless of what people think this does not mean that there thoughts are right. When it comes to creating the right marketing mix, whether it is for industrial, service or products, you are going to need to create a marketing mix that works for your company. There is no set model that you have to follow, nor is there any plan that is engraved in stone that you need to follow. Each company will have to make their marketing mix work for their company. And for those people who think that the marketing mix should be focused on increasing the shareholders value something that they are forgetting to think about is the fact that the marketing mix is being used to make the public aware of the product or service and to encourage people to buy that product or service. And the more people who buy that product or service the more profit that company will make, which in turn will increase the shareholders value. So even though the marketing mix is not aimed directly at increasing the shareholders value it still does that in the long run.

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