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Tips for making great commercials

Ninety-nine percent of households in the United States have at least one television, with the average number of TVs per house a little over two. Given those statistics, it's no surprise that a great way to gain exposure for your business and attract more customers is through a TV commercial.

Many small businesses think making a commercial is out of their reach or budget, but it can actually be an excellent investment. If you are considering making a commercial for your business, the following are some tips for making great commercials that will be worth the money spent and give you a return on your investment.

Make a budget and stick to it.

You can still make a great commercial on a smaller budget, but you will need to find out exactly how much money you can and want to spend, and then go from there. First, you'll need to know how much it will cost to have the commercial made and how much it will cost to air; together, this will eat up most of your budget.

Find a good production company.

This is perhaps the most important part when it comes to the quality of your commercial. Unless you are making the commercial yourself (which is not recommended if you want a quality commercial - think of all the local commercials you see on TV that were made without a production company; you don't want your commercial to be the laughingstock of the city), you will need a production company that has a good deal of experience and is well-established. You can find a production company by looking under video production in your yellow pages. Or, you can ask local businesses who have run commercials you like who they used for their production company.

There are many freelance workers in this field, many who offer a much more discounted rate. This is not advisable for a number of reasons. Many times, they are unable to develop a professional commercial because they don't have the right quality equipment (high-end equipment used in a production studio makes a big difference) or they don't have the experience needed to produce good quality.

Consider carefully who will be in your commercial.

I'm sure we've all seen commercials with business owners who have a dull, monotone voice or who stare into the camera with a deer in the headlights look. The best production company in the world can't fix that, so it's important to get the right people to be in your commercial. You don't have to pay actors or actresses; instead, ask friends who have pleasant voices for voiceovers or people who can be enthusiastic when it comes to promoting your services.

Take background and graphics into consideration.
Your production company can help you with this, but be careful to take all things into consideration when it comes to filming your commercial, including the set (do you want to be indoors or out?), text and graphics (do you want subtle color and effects or bright and loud?), weather (a commercial shot during a clear day as opposed to a cloudy, overcast one can have a subliminal effect on your viewers), and so forth. Your production company can make recommendations to help you.

A great commercial can put your business in the public eye and be a good investment. The above tips will help you to make a great commercial.

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