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How to start your own small business after being laid off

car71993610.jpgIn today's ever tightening economy, many people are facing difficult job prospects. Faced with continuing unemployment, many laid off workers, have begun to consider starting their own business. This has provided another opportunity, since being unemployed in a tight job market, offers very few opportunities even for talented individuals. While this may seem like the perfect solution, there are many factors that an individual should consider before moving forward.

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Learning to sell yourself to boost your business

mencommunicating19220419.jpgAs a small business owner, one of the inside secrets you should have mastered by now is learning how to sell yourself. Since the business is essentially your idea, each time you head out into the marketing world, you are giving a little bit of yourself to the public and asking them to accept you. It can be hard to sell yourself because rejection will occur and this can destroy a person's confidence. Here is the big trick to selling yourself; you are the number one customer.

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Job titles


Job titles are as diverse as the jobs that they describe.The same type of job can be given a dozen different titles.There is a line form a Shakespearean play that reads something like this, "What is in a name, would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?"Well, maybe so, but lets apply Shakespeare's comments to the business world.Does the title of "clean-up crew" have the same appeal as "sanitation specialists"?If you were applying for a position based solely on the title, which of these two job titles seems like the better job?Which one would you think pays better?In all reality it could be either one.Now do you see how you can use job titles to motivate employees and communicate to customers?

If you still need more convincing consider these points...

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