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Things every small business owner should know

cupsofcoffee37472685.jpgWhile small businesses seem to abound everywhere, the reality is that many small businesses fail within, their first year of business. However, savvy small business owners know things that can help improve the odds that their small business will succeed. While it can be overwhelming and intimidating, to try and start, and keep a small business going, if you know certain things, it can make it a little easier. Here are things that every small business owner should know-

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Small business mistakes you need to avoid

mansleeping8251415.jpgIf you are a small business owner, you may be constantly worried if you are doing things right. However, it is just as important to avoid some common mistakes. Experienced small business owners have shared the mistakes they have made, so that other people can learn from them. Keep in mind that mistakes are going to happen, however, if you can avoid the serious ones, you will have a much better chance of making your small business successful. Here are small business mistakes you need to avoid-

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How to avoid small business mistakes

contract19160481.jpgThere are many people who have the dream of starting their own business, managing their time and hopefully making millions. However, few people clearly understand that the road to success can be pitted with problems and mistakes. The reality is that small business' have a high rate of failure. Savvy business owners take the time to analyze possible mistakes, and do everything they can to avoid them. If you are considering opening your own small business, or have already done so, here is what you need to know about how to avoid small business mistakes-

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Traits you need to be a small business success

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgThe great thing about small business ownership is that anyone who wants to can have the opportunity to be their own boss.Unfortunately, the catch is directly related to the duration that these businesses last.Only those who have certain skills and traits can take their business ideas and turn them into a long-standing success.Researchers have looked into what makes a good business person and have come up with a list of traits that most successful business owners have in common.

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Taking small business criticism constructively

arguingcoworkers23282211.jpgYou can't please everyone.Criticism is a natural consequence of being a business owner.Whether your critic is an unsatisfied customer or a competitor looking to discredit you, taking harsh words in stride is definitely a challenge.The unfortunate truth is that the bigger your business is and the more successful you become, the more people will try to bring you down.In many respects you put yourself out there to be criticized.Receiving that first letter of dissatisfaction or nasty phone call can upset even the most professional of small business owners.Although the temptation to take criticism personally is definitely an easy thing to do (after all you have poured a lot of yourself into your business) seasoned business owners know that it is better to put personal feelings aside and try your best to take criticism constructively.

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Secrets to keeping your small business going

books30364900.jpgStarting your own small business is no easy task.Keeping it going is even harder.If you are worried about the future of your business, the best place to start is at the beginning.From the point that you start thinking about starting your own businesses and throughout the life of the business there are certain strategies that you can use to ensure that your business can withstand the test of time.

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Using the past to help the future

architect36832024.jpgWhile a lot of small businesses believe you should only look to the future, you can actually look to your past for some great tips on how you can help the future. As you create marketing strategies and other business plans for the future, take a look back upon the things that have worked for you in the past and avoid falling into the mistakes that haven't worked in the past.

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The basic requirements of running your own business

businessmeeting30381062.jpgBeing your own boss may look attractive in theory, but you will quickly find it's not all fun and games all the time. It will require a lot of time and energy and you won't make millions of dollars overnight, in fact you may never get to that point. Hard work will pay off in the long run and you will be able to create a long-lasting company that you can pass on to future generations. To help you with you new small business, we have put together some basic guidelines for you.

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Surviving in difficult times

womanthinking26245328.jpgThe economy has taken its toll on small business owners and if you'd made it through so far, you aren't doing too bad. Unfortunately small businesses often have everything going against them and only about 2/3rds will survive the first 2 years and after that only half of those businesses will survive 2 more years. So with all of the odds going against you, plus the hardships in the economy, how can you find a way to keep your small business going strong? This article will explore a few things you can do to keep yourself in business.

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Staying in business for another year

broker30347317.jpgSince small businesses have all the odds going against them within the first 5 years of business, you may be looking for different ways that will help you stay in business for another year. How can you stay in business? It starts with 2 basic components, a good business plan and determination.

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The advantages of having a website for your small business

womanwithtwophones33344552.jpgThe widespread use of the internet over the last 15 years has made having an online presence almost essential for any small business owner.Since starting a website is relatively simple and cost effective, there are mostly just advantages to getting it done. Below you will find a list of a number of different advantages of having a website for your small business.In reading these advantages hopefully you will join the millions of other small business owners who are reaping the benefits of having an online presence.

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Setting up a website for your small business

laptop30347484.jpgIt is just about impossible for a small business not to have a website these days. Most customers have now come to expect that all of the businesses they use will have a website no matter how big or how small the company is. But even though having a website is just about essential, many business owners may not be sure just how to go about setting up a website for their small business. This article discusses information that can help a small business owner set up a website for their business.

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5 things every small business owner needs to know to stay in business

accountant37004036.jpgSmall businesses are not a rarity.It seems like just about everyone has tried their hand at being their own boss at one time or another, but very few people actually succeed.More than half of all new businesses fail within the first few years of operation.With odds like that, it can be very intimidating to take the leap and become self-employed.Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to improve your odds of a successful small business owner.

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How to get your business license and permits


Before you can start your small business, it is important to make sure you have all the permits and your business license. Check with your state and local governments to make sure you have all the right forms completed and you have all the permits you need before you open your doors. Some states require businesses to post certain signs that talk about the different regulations like workers compensation insurance, disability, discrimination, etc. Usually the business license must be displayed in an area that is visible for customers and inspectors to find.

Besides complying with local and state laws, there are also federal regulations your small business may need to comply with. Employment of minors has a lot of stipulations for businesses so it is important to read all the rules before you hire them. Every business type has different regulations it must comply with, which is why it is so important to check them before you open your doors. Some states have newsletters and alerts they will send out whenever there is a change in some of the regulations that impact your business.

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What you can do to help your small business survive economic recession

Most people are feeling the pinch of a bad economy, and small businesses are no exception. With both consumers and businesses looking to save money, it can be difficult for a small business to stay afloat during difficult economic times.

However, there are many things you can do to help your small business survive economic recession. A few tips include:

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How to fortify your small business from depression

In these turbulent economic times, many small businesses are worried about staying in business when many people and businesses are cutting costs, which is turn slows down business.

However, there are many things you can do to fortify your small business from depression. The following are some tips to keep your business afloat, even when the economy is not at its best:

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Growth tactics for small business

There are certain tactics that small businesses can use in order to grow their business.But too often in the challenging demands of running a business from day to day owners and managers get caught up in a certain way of doing things.While the status quo can be fine it is the savvy business owner that breaks out of the rut and takes their business in a new direction toward success.Here are some growth tactics for small business-

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What you need to do to Stay in Business with a small business

As a small business owner, particularly a small business owner that's just starting out, you might feel like you're struggling to keep your business alive.No one ever said that starting up a small business was an easy endeavor.Sometimes it can be really difficult, and it's possible that you feel like you're "running out of steam."However, you don't need to sacrifice your business and your dream because you're not sure how to keep your small business afloat!Here are some things that you need to do to Stay in Business with a small business.

- Make goals:If you own a small business, particularly a small business that is based in your home, you can often get distracted from your work responsibilities.Sometimes there are other things that seem easier and more "fun" to do than working.If you are having a hard time staying motivated or keeping on track, then you should make some goals.You should not only make short term goals, but you should make long term goals as well.If you haven't incorporated these goals into a formal business plan, this is another good idea.When you have the goals and vision of your small business in mind, then you will be better motivated to work and Stay in Business!Remember, no business was able to stay alive and keep in business without some consistent, hard work.

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