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5 tips to increase conversion on your website

Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy your product or service from your website.In other words, it is defined as the number of visitors that turn into customers of your products or services. Although many websites concentrate on increasing the number of visitors they have, what you need to be concerned with is actually retaining new clients.

Improving a website's conversion rate can be relatively simple. Here are five techniques for doing just that:

1. Use messaging and positioning statements to make it clear why any potential client would want to choose you.Make your messaging and positioning statements stand out in the design of your web site.Also, provide additional information with Testimonials, FAQ's, Articles, and reviews to help your clients make informed decisions.This can also give you credibility as the expert. Internet shoppers are typically skeptical, so you will want to establish trust with them.You can do so by including information about yourself.In today's world, especially over the Internet, people tend to be skeptical about providing personal information.Some things you could do to establish trust would be to give a brick and mortar address, list a phone number where someone might be able to reach you, show a privacy policy and clearly explain shipping procedures.Above all, be professional and make sure your web site reflects that professionalism.
2. Make navigating around your site user friendly.You will want to make it easy for visitors to get around your site. Make sure navigation button names are intuitive, and make your website's "home" button easy to find.When visitors get lost, that's the first thing they look for. Include text links within your content, allowing visitors to click and navigate when they find mention of the topic that interests them.People don't usually buy something just from looking at your first page.They most likely will want to know more.Make additional information easy to access.Think about what kind of additional information visitors would like.For example, technical specs on your products, pictures and reviews.Make sure it is obvious to the user where to go to find this information.
3. Make sure the content in your webpage is effectively grabbing the visitors attention.You have around 8-12 seconds to capture your their attention. Keep your web pages simple and uncluttered with information that is clear, concise, and to the point. Web users prefer to scan for information, so utilize headers and sub-headers to break up paragraphs and present important points. Make text easy to read.If the colors don't blend well, people may leave your site simply because the text is difficult to read.Include good information with articles, advice, review, etc. that will help the user along in the buying process.Users will typically want to research what they are going to buy so make sure they stay on your site to do it or they may look somewhere else and potentially buy from them.If you can't keep them there, at least make a good impression on them so they will come back to purchase.
4. Make your calls to action clear.Nothing increases website conversion better than clear, strategically-placed calls to action. Make sure that your phone number and contact links appear in bold and above the fold. You never want to leave your website visitor searching for a way to contact you. Don't make people scroll down to see important purchasing information.This would include the buttons they will need to click on to add things to their cart, to check out and other calls to action.Put this type of information in big, bold, bright buttons near the top of the page.They don't have to be gaudy or tasteless, just obvious, unambiguous and clear.
5. Avoid contact page distractions.Once you've attracted someone to your contact page, you are so close to conversion.Don't overload them with too many options.Just ask for their contact information.Don't waste the user's time by asking for too much information either.Whether your conversion process is selling a product or requesting information, only ask for those things that you absolutely must need to know.This is especially true when requesting information one might consider private.

These are just a few ideas for improving your website in hopes of increasing your conversion rate.Make your website interesting, informative and user friendly.The more satisfied your customer is, the more likely you are to have repeat customers and referrals.In the end, you'll generate more revenue and increase the effectiveness of future initiatives.


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