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Direct marketing on a shoestring budget:

Direct Marketing is a manner of marketing that cuts out the middle man of marketing, advertising agency, public relations services, etc. Direct marketing is simply a way of business sending information directly to their customers and a way for that same business to keep track of how effective the direct marketing campaign was.

Direct marketing may include means such as mail, email, and telemarketing. It is any means by which the company contacts the customer directly.Direct marketing was first established back in the mid to early twentieth century for companies such as American Express who were interested in finding which means were the best to contacting and selling customers on new products and such.

Direct marketing through the mail is an easy way for business to keep track of how successful their marketing plan was. The company can send out coupons, or promotions, that the customer must bring in to redeem on the sale. In this way the success can be easily tracked by the amounts of coupons that are turned in.

Direct marketing through email can likewise be easily tracked and calculated for success. Generally if a promotion is offered via email a person has to click on that email so as to get to the web site offering the promotion. Through their following through with that advertisement companies can keep track of how many of their consumers responded and took advantage of their ad.

Direct marketing through telemarketing had rapidly become unpopular in the past ten years or so but is still used as it is a great way for a company to track and speak with their customers to find out exactly what their needs and concerns are. Despite the fact that a great number of customers will respond negatively to a business calling, the number of customers who do respond positively and the amount of business businesses are able to accomplish through telemarketing keeps them calling.

Direct marketing can be very costly. There are many direct marketing agencies that are willing to do all the work for companies, keep track of what works, and increase that companies sales, but these agencies are obviously going to have fees of their own on top of the printing, mailing, calling, fees.

If you have a need of direct marketing but have a small budget than email marketing is going to be the way for you. Email marketing has been met with much success as most people check their email frequently and if they already know of your company then they will want to see what you have to offer.

Emailing has to be done correctly in order to be effective though. There are lists of names that can be purchased of people who may have at one time been interested in your product or type of company. These lists can be expensive though and ultimately not successful as people may have been interested in your product but not your particular company and they won't like that you have been given their email address without permission.

The best way to use direct marketing through email is to compile a list of customers from your customer base. Ask customers when they come in if they want future updates, or ask them however you normally communicate to them. This way when your email is received they will know how you got their address and they will be more interested in what you have to offer.

Direct marketing is the best way to keep track of successful marketing strategies, but it is not the cheapest unless done online through email.

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