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Does Email Work?

Have you noticed how much email marketers are sounding like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz lately: "Filters and spammers and laws, Oh My!"

Pretty much everywhere I go I hear people reading the obituary of email marketing. Everywhere, that is, except the companies that actually measure the effectiveness of real-life email campaigns.

Here are the real-world results Double Click found for the second quarter of 2003:

For every 1,000 emails sent, here are the average results:

919 actually get delivered 366 get opened by the recipient 69 generate a site visit 2.65 people buy $98.48 is the average sale

Does that sound impressive? Let me put it in slightly different terms:

On average-not just in the perfect campaign, this is average-when someone sends out 1 million emails, they generate 2,650 sales for a total dollar volume of (drum roll please.)


That's impressive in anyone's book.

If you want to see the details behind these numbers, I have put up the report on my site:

So, what does that mean to those who wish to make their business successful online? Here are two keys:

1. Build your house list.

Your "house list" consists of your personal customers as well as qualified prospects. These people will pay you again and again.

If you have just one product or offer, you are losing money. Most of the cost and effort involved in marketing is in GETTING the customer. Once you have a customer, that's when you can contact them, making targeted offers, again and again.

You should work your house list the same way a farmer works a field-and you will be able to reap "crops" from it again and again over time.

2. Utilize 3rd party email marketing

If you want to catapult your business success, you need to be using 3rd party email lists. You can rent lists for very little, and they will send out your offer to millions of people. Imagine the number of site visitors and sales you could generate from just a few of these campaigns.

One of the nice aspects of this type of advertising is also the freedom from complaints. When you rent a list, the list owner handles all of the mailing as well as all of the complaints. You simply site back and collect the sales.

And the sales come in quickly.

It is common for a well-placed offer to generate a few thousand sales in one week-with most of those coming in the first 48 hours.

Bulk mailing can often be a very expensive proposition to use when you are just starting out, I stumbled across a very reasonable source for low-cost mailers. You can take a look at it here:

Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it might just be your ticket to success.

Kevin Bidwell is owner of

Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive income. Grab your copy here:

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