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How to increase sales today.

How you can increase your overall sales today. This may not seem possible, but sometimes it is necessary. At times the increase of sells immediately is required in order to maintain the functionality of a company.

In order to increase sales, there needs to be a sales plan. The sales plan needs to include several key factors in order to motivate both the salespeople involved and the customers who will be making those purchases.

There will be a variation in the plan that you would need to make, in order to make that sale today, and increase your revenue. However the basic steps to gain business and get the sale are the same everywhere.

This plan needs to have expectations and goals set clearly. This will help each salesperson be aware of what is expected of them, and what will help them to succeed. There also needs to be some sort of motivational set up. This will help the salespeople want to work harder to get the sale.

Start by setting an expectation that offering the highest level of customer service and professionalism matters. There have been many times a customer was ready to purchase a specific product that day from someone. However when they go to store #1 and the representative or salesperson was less that courteous and professional, the customer goes right down the street and spends $15,000. Ouch, not only did they lose the sell, but also their competition got it. This result is due to someone was not doing their job.

Next it is important to build credibility with your customer. If you say that something is happening with a sale. Make that happen. Do not play games. This can cause the loss of a sale just because people do not like to feel tricked. It makes them feel foolish. People like to buy from people they know and trust. Therefore building a trusting rapport will also help you get that sale today.

Show your customers why there is a value to the product that they need. This will help them to understand that the price they are paying is worth it. If the customer feels comfortable about the debt they are about to make, then they will more likely make that purchase today.

Do not let "No" be the answer. There are so many times that a person walks into a store with an idea of what they want in mind. However while looking they have questions, and are not sure if they should make the purchase. However if a salesperson is good, and takes time to talk to the customer about the products uses, and values, it is more likely that they will make the purchase. This is because there is not guilt and concern, or at it has at least been minimized. Keep the customer talking. This gives you the opportunity to make the sale happen today.

Assume the sale. The salespeople need to be trained to assume the sale from the beginning. This means when the sale is completed and the customer says, "Yes" do not keep trying to sell the product. Close the deal with a positive completion question. This can be "Would you be paying cash or charge for that" or "Would you like that wrapped up for you today?" An assertive, but polite phrase like this will softly close the sell.

When you have a sales plan in mind, expectations set, it is time to offer motivational options for the salespeople. This can be a competition, or fun "Great job". However it is always nice for salespeople if there is a monetary motivation involved. It may not seem like a big deal, but one of the most motivating sales day at one very successful company happened primarily because every sale that a salesperson got, they were given $1 cash.

So that company probably gave out a few hundred dollars that day to their sales team. However, that was nothing compared to the thousands of dollars they made in transactions.

There are many ideas like this out there to help motivate your team to sell today. What ever the case may be, a statement of "Great job" goes further than most external motivation. Have fun with your sales, and make it exciting to get those sales. You will see that more sales will happen that day. Customers love happy salespeople.

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