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How to make an impossible sale.

How to make an impossible sale?What you need to know and do in a couple of steps. These steps can take you from "No", to "What do you know?"

Getting those sales that are impossible is all because of what you know. This means what you know about the product, the customer and some customer service tactics.

You can be a good sales person, however if you are not trained about your product, you will not be able to answer the customer's questions. This can be a reason that a sale will be lost. People want to purchase products that are good, that work well, and are worth the money. If you do not have that information, them they may not trust the product. Trusting you and your knowledge will make this happen.

The best thing to do in order to make sure that a sell is not lost due to lack of knowledge is to be prepared. Preparation with the products information will help a great deal in order to handle the objections that happens with most sells.

Knowing your customer is the next way that will help you get that impossible sell. This means that you will need to get to know the customer. The best way to do this is to ask questions. If you can keep the customer listening, then you can keep the sell going.

These questions should be open ended. These questions need to be able to allow the customer to tell you their story. Listening is going to make it possible for you to be able to find out what that customer is looking for. If you can find out about the customer, and build a little trust with the customer. Then you will be able sell the product you have because you have what they are looking for. People like to buy things from people they are buying from.

When you know what the customer needs you can use this information to explain the great parts of your product.

For example: Your customer was not looking to make a purchase today. They only wanted to look around. They are looking to get a car in the next couple of months. His wife will be having a baby next month and they want to save as much money as they can until after the baby is born.

This sounds like an impossible sell right?

With this information you found out, that the customer has three things to consider in his purchase.

  1. More room in the size of the car.
  2. They want to hold on to money until after the baby is born.
  3. They need the car.

With this information if you could get him the right size of car, with a payment that starts in two months, and a car he likes, you will get that sale. This is not an impossible sell unless you let it be.

In the end, there is customer service that will make this all happen. There have been many sells lost purely, because the customer does not like the service they received. This is hard because it could have been an easy sell, with the right person.

Customer service will make people return to a restaurant that is merely mediocre. This is more than often the case. People love great service. If you have great customer service, the chances that you will get that impossible sale are very likely.

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