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Keys to design online videos to sell your products online

Before you begin production for your online videos to sell your products you need to understand the keys to online video design.Billboards and television advertisements may seem similar to internet advertising, but the big difference is that online video can be interactive.Hence, you must make the video have some kind of input from the viewer.You will remember things much better if you interact instead of just look at an advertisement.

Online videos have several different methods that can be used for interaction.First, you can leave some information out give the website address for where the information can be found.However, you must be careful as to what information is left out.You don't want to leave out key information, but you want to leave out the information that will draw the interest of the viewer enough that they will immediately look up the information to see what it is.For instance, if you were Ford you could ask a survey question like what car would you like to see made next.The viewer would have to go to Ford's website to take the survey and see leading answers.

Another method to get the viewer to interact is to give them pop-up or text links to take them to your web site.The idea of the video advertisement is to give them information about the product, but also to raise the viewer's curiosity enough that they will look for more information.If the advertisement has done its job, the link will take them directly to your site so they can find more information.You cannot get this type of reaction from a television commercial.The viewer might be interested to know more, but by the time they visit the computer next, they will most likely have forgotten to look for more information.The online video can take advantage of the fact that the viewer is already at the computer.

You should also make the video entertaining.People on the internet today are looking for entertainment much like they were when they watch television.If the advertisement does not grab and keep their attention, they will move on and your product will not get seen.

Also, you need to put your online video advertisement in a format that can be forwarded.You are not trying to protect or copyright your advertisement.You want people to copy it and forward it to their friends.How often have you received a video or picture from a friend that they thought was funny or that you would be interested in?You probably receive more than one a day.If you can make your video advertisement that appealing and make the advertisement portable, it could easily be sent to thousands of people over night.

You must keep the length of the advertisement as short as possible while delivering the message.This is for two different reasons.One is that the attention span of your viewers is often very short.The other reason is that the video takes a lot of bandwidth.You want to minimize this so that more people are able to watch your video instead of only those people with the best connections.More and more devices are getting access to the internet like laptops and cell phones.If the video file is small enough you may increase your possible viewers by more than double.

In summary, the key to designing an online video advertisement is to make the video as interactive as possible.Keep the video entertaining so that others will be forwarded to the video and keep it short.If you keep to these keys, you will greatly increase the success of your online advertising campaign.

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