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Marketing mistakes defined

Marketing is an important part of any business - it can either make or break it. Marketing is all about how you present yourself, your business, your product and/or service. One way to ensure that your marketing techniques are effective is to avoid some of the common marketing mistakes. Here are three common marketing mistakes defined and some solutions:

Mistake #1: Unclear Message

You can plan your marketing strategy as much as you want, but if your message is confusing all effort will be lost. Sometimes, companies will come up with a slogan that is complicated, muddled, or abstract. You may think it is a clever slogan, for example, but it may not have a broad appeal.Have you ever watched a commercial or looked at an ad in a magazine and wondered, "What is this an ad for?"Unless there is some kind of follow-up strategy (which is still risky), this is definitely not the type of response you want.

A great way to avoid having an unclear message is to get plenty of feedback. Ask friends, family and even clients (if you feel that is appropriate with your line of work) for honest feedback. When asking for feedback, be specific in your questions, instead of just asking if they like it. Ask if it makes sense? What are its strengths? Its weaknesses? Any impressions?This will keep your message focused and lessen any chance that your marketing campaign will fall flat.

Mistake #2: No Specific Group
Just as having an unclear message can be detrimental, not having a specific group you're marketing to can be just as bad.There are certain marketing techniques, considerations, and methods that can be adapted to different demographics.One tactic may work really well with teenage girls, but will be inappropriate and ineffective for a middle-aged man.On the other hand, if you make your strategy too general, it will probably appeal to no one.

Instead, focus on who your biggest target is? Who is most likely to use your product or service? If a range of ages is applicable, consider diversifying your technique. There is no rule that says you have to pick one marketing strategy and stick with it. Try a variety of strategies, keeping a specific group in mind for each.

Mistake #3: Too Much All at Once

Sometimes, businesses can get really excited about what they have to offer and the potential for growth. As a result, people can go overboard in their marketing.This is done in various ways.

One way is to put all your eggs in one basket. You may get excited about an advertising opportunity, like a great television promotion or something else done on a large scale, and spend too much on one campaign. It may leave an impression for the moment, but if you've spent all your money one big advertising blitz, you won't have enough money to do anything else.

Another way to overwhelm your customers' is too have too much hype, too many promises, too many features, etc. It makes your business come across as being gimmicky or too good to be true. Chances are, if your business comes across that way, people will be wary of getting involved with your business.

Instead, spread your marketing campaign over a period of time. The key is to take your time and build your reputation through consistent advertising and customer outreach.Also, keep in mind that while you may be really excited about your product or service, be careful not to seem too over the top. Find a balance that works for the demographic you're marketing to.

By simply avoiding these three common marketing mistakes, you can market your business in a professional and effective way. All that is required is some focus and some foresight and your marketing plans will be on the right track.

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