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Online video's power in selling product online

As the web continues to gain popularity in the world so does online videos.With this growing popularity and technological advances also makes it possible for more people and businesses to use online videos.Hence, the power of selling products and services with the use of online videos is exploding today and will only continue to grow.

Online video is also more powerful than its competitors in selling the product.This is because potential customers get more information from a video than they do other forms of advertisement.For example, if you are walking through a store, are you more likely to watch a video advertisement in the television section than you are to read an entire poster size advertisement?

Movement attracts the human eye.That is why soldiers are taught to look for first when scanning a battlefield.When you are advertising, it is similar to a war because you are competing with all of the other advertisements for the potential customer's attention and then potential dollars.Hence, your online add will be seen and viewed more than an ordinary web page.

Furthermore, online video advertisements are up to four times more impactful than other online formats.The majority of viewers, on average, watch 70 percent of the content provided in the online video format.This statistic is much higher than a regular web page.Ask yourself how often you read the rest of the page once you have figured out the topic.However, if it is a video, do you finish watching the video or do you click to the next page?

Additionally, viewers are over five times more engaged with video content with which they can interact.Unlike a TV commercial, the online video allows the potential customer to have input in the advertisement.They can make choices.For instance, in a car advertisement, the customer could possibly choose the model of the car they would like to see.They could even choose the color and rims they want to see on the vehicle.The options are endless on what you can do.

Online video requires people to have high-speed internet access in order to see the videos.More people are getting high-speed each day.With the expanded market online video advertisements continue to grow.Now hundreds of millions have access to online video and it wasn't too many years ago when only millions had high-speed internet access.Because of the larger market, more companies make video advertisements.This means that your customers are now being trained to expect online video content when they are researching your product and services.

The most impressive part about online advertisements is that the same advertisement ran as a television commercial doesn't boost brand awareness and purchase intent as the same as when it is ran as an online advertisement.This is largely because a television ad is purchased time that shows to many people, but the target audience may not be watching at that time.For instance, you now have many options during your commercial breaks.Many viewers check other channels, take a break to the bathroom or to the kitchen or a number of other options during commercials.An online video is targeted directly to those interested because they are on that web site because they are interested in that product not because they are watching a television program.

In summary, online video advertisements are powerful tools to use in marketing.The internet has more and more access to people while traditional television is losing its appeal. Online videos keep potential customers' attention longer and are more effective in delivering the message.

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