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PayPal Offers New Merchant Tools

PayPal is a popular choice for payment proc-essing for many online business owners. Payments are fast, fees low and the money shows up in your account instantly. What else could an online business owner ask for?

Paypal is continually making strides to improve their service. A recent change allows a buyer to make a purchase without having to open their own Paypal account first. If you haven't been paying attention lately, they've also implemented some other new changes that you're really going to love.

Let's review:

1) Custom Payment Pages: Premier and business account holders can now customize their Paypal payment pages so they match the look of their websites. This helps with the transition from your website to Paypal's, so your customers enjoy a more seamless shopping experience.

You can choose custom colors and add images. For example, placing your logo at the top of your payment page. Images can be up to 750X90 pixels high. You can create up to three different page styles and store them for later use. When you designate a primary page style, it will be applied to all of your payment pages unless you specify otherwise. To change page styles when creating new "buy now" buttons or shopping cart buttons, just select "add more options" on the button creation pages and select the page style you'd like to use.

To set up your custom payment pages from your Account Overview page, click on the Profile tab, then the "Custom Payment Pages" link under "Selling Preferences."

2) Auto Return: Now after a buyer completes a payment to you they can be returned to your site immediately. This is a great new feature, as you no longer lose the visitor after they make payment. To set up auto return, click the Profile tab, then the "Website Payment Preferences" link. You'll need to set up a personalized "thank you" page to send your Web guests to and you'll need to include certain wording, such as thanking your visitors for their payments and telling them they will be hearing from you by email.

3) Shipping with U.S. Postal Service: If you ship products, you'll really like this service. Paypal has teamed up with the U.S. Post Office and UPS to provide shipping services from within your Paypal account. You can calculate shipping costs, purchase and print shipping labels and even track your shipments online.

Paypal is continually working to add new features and really is the easiest way for a website owner to collect payments. Two other things worth mentioning:

1. Paypal's ATM/Debit card, which allows you to access your funds from any bank ATM machine or shop at a store using your card just like a Mastercard with the funds coming directly from your account. I love my PayPal credit card as it makes it so handy to access my funds from anywhere I might be.

2. If you use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Express there's a "payment wizard" software you can download that allows you to add Paypal payment buttons directly inside your emails. Thus the buyer can click on the link in your message and complete the transaction via Paypal's website.

For a complete merchant overview, download their report in PDF format
If you run an online business and haven't looked into Paypal, you're missing out on a powerful segment of buyers in the Internet community. If you've been using Paypal for years but haven't noticed these new tools, you'll be glad you did.

By Merle
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