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Successful direct mail marketing strategies

When you are planning out your marketing strategy you are looking for the most effective way to spend your marketing dollars.There are many great marketing tactics that work great, but you are looking for high results.

Direct mail marketing can yield very high results if it is done correctly.But, what is the most effective way of direct mail marketing?Make sure you have the right information on direct mail marketing.


The only place to start your mailing is with a list.There are many ways to develop a list.Research is the key to the perfect list, whether you do the research yourself or hire someone to do it.Both are a good idea.

Create a list from your current client base.What about a past client base?Those are great places to start.Next, look at the list you have and see if you can find some common factors.Those will give you a good idea of future clients to look into.

If you are hiring out to get your list be sure that they are detailed in who they are looking for.They will have lists already creating that you can purchase or they can work to create you a customized list.

Don't just send out junk mail.Just mailing to the whole phone book will not give you any results, in fact it will get you into some trouble.Know who you are mailing to and don't forget to watch the Do Not Mail list.

Knowing your budget will help you design your mailers.Keep in mind the price of your lists (if hired out), printing, mailing, and follow-throughs.The price of mailing and printing will depend on what you are sending out, but don't try to save money by making your mailer ineffective.


There are so many factors to getting a successful return on your mailer.Remember to include all of these to get the most out of the marketing money you are spending.

Make sure that the message you are sending out is up to date and relevant.If you send out coupons that are expired then there will be no effect.Any agency that does taxes for people would be smart to have their stuff out before April 15th.

The material should be eye-catching.This means something that sticks out to someone and makes them start or continue reading.This doesn't always mean more color, layout and design make a big difference here.

Your message should go through a few steps before being finalized.First, make sure that your product stands out.Differentiation is a big part of marketing.Next, your message needs to be refined.Make sure it is to the point and not exaggerating or out there.Another step is to evaluate the offer being given.Is the offer going to be good enough to give you the response you want or is it over the top a little?

Last you need to make sure that your message is hitting some of the motivators that get people into action.Those motivators include arousing fear, guilt, greed, or need for approval.Also if people feel that this will make them part of something exclusive they are likely to jump at it.

After Mailing

Calculate the response received from this mailing to know what to do better next time.If there need to be significant changes it is time to step back and evaluate your strategy again.Don't forget that even something that works once will not work forever.Keep up with the changes and reevaluate your strategy every year.

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