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Television marketing campaigns

entertainmentcenter63493818.jpg Television marketing campaigns allows you to show and tell a wide audience about your business, products, or services. It allows you to show the benefits of purchasing the product or service. You can show how your product or service works and how it's packaged so potential customers will know what to look for. In advertising, it's a great idea to market in a number of different ways to capture all audiences which targets how they like to purchase items.

Television marketing has been a popular way for large retailers ever since the TV was first introduced into homes. Over the years technology has rapidly become better with the arrival of cable television. This allowed for lower production costs and the chance to contact smaller, more targeted markets, making it a great option for small and medium-size businesses. Then, along came the Direct Response Marketing Campaigns which opened up a whole other way in marketing products on television.

DRTV Marketing Campaigns
Direct Response Television Marketing Campaigns has become an increasingly productive selling place for all kinds of companies. These campaigns include any TV advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company. This is usually done by calling an 800 number or by visiting a web site. Over time, it has also become used as more general advertising and is now used by a wide range of companies.

There are two types of direct response television, long form (or infomercials), short form and live shopping.

Long form direct response is any television commercial longer than two minutes. Long form of direct response TV marketing gives marketers the benefit of time to demonstrate and explain their product or service. This is especially important for a new product coming to market or one that needs some explanation. The most common time period available for long form media is 28 minutes, 30 seconds in length. Long form ads run overnight in specific time slots, generally between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., and during the weekends where the program guide reads "Paid Programming"

Short form is any DRTV commercial that is two minutes or less in length. Short form ads can fit into slots that aren't always available to the long form ads. They're not assigned specific slots at the time of purchase. They randomly are shown throughout the day and night.

Live shopping opportunities are those that are often seen on such channels as HSN and QVC. These quickly capture an audience with hosts and attractive displays; they handle customers' objections by selling the product at an affordable price. If it doesn't seem affordable, they make it sound great and irresistible. They show the wonderful features and also have a range of testimonials backing up the product.

What are televisions marketing campaigns good for?
These are great for businesses with products that would benefit from demonstrating them to show the potential customer how they work. These are also good for companies that have a big budget they want to spend.

Are they expensive?
They run anywhere from $40,000 to $600,000 depending on the length, the format, your location and whether you get a celebrity to represent the company and a number of other factors that come into play.

If you are planning a direct response television marketing campaign, be careful not to make the common mistakes. Here are common mistakes that are made:

  • Not working with experienced DRTV vendors

  • Charging too little markup

  • Selling a product without mass appeal or DRTV success

  • Not developing competitive pricing and a compelling offer

  • Not demonstrating problem solving products

  • Not utilizing the Internet

Television marketing campaigns are a great way to capture potential customers and interest them in your products and services. TV marketing campaigns have been around for years and continue to grow and flourish. If you are considering making a television marketing campaign, keep in mind these tips on what not to do to make sure you are not making the common mistakes that are frequently being done. Explore television marketing campaigns for yourself and see what you can gain from them.

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