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Tips for best usage of email marketing

In order to use email marketing to its fullest potential you need to understand what email marketing is. Email marketing is a form of internet marketing, since emails can only be accessed while connected to the internet. Email marketing is basically marketing through email. The most common forms of email marketing are sales letters and newsletters that are sent out to current and potential customers. The great thing about email communications rather than printed communications is that the recipients can simply click on a link and go directly to your website and get any information that they need about your product or service. But keep in mind there is a fine line between email marketing a spam, and as a responsible marketer you don't want to cross the line.

Here are some tips for the best usage of email marketing.

Tip one:
You need to take the time to personalize your emails with the recipients first or last name depending on which one is more appropriate for your ad campaign. Doing this makes the person receiving the email feel more like a person and less like a number, which in turn improves the chance that the recipient will read the email and maybe risk a click or two, rather than just delete the email.

Tip two:
Do not send out emails during the holidays. While the holidays are a busy time for most people and they are often not near a computer where they can check their emails on a regular basis. With this in mind it makes sense that when they first check their email they are going to delete everything that isn't of the utmost importance without thinking twice.

Tip three:
One thing that you should never do is to correct a person's email address, even if it's obvious that they made a simple error. One way to prevent this is to have them retype their email address when they are choosing to opt-in to your newsletter. This simple fix allows them to catch their mistake as the system won't take two different email addresses. If the emails keep bouncing back you should simply remove the address from your subscription list, they can always sign up again if they wish.

Tip four:
Always make it perfectly clear in your email marketing message what you expect your recipients to do and what they can expect you to do. And the most important thing about this is to follow through with what you have promised. If you have said you will never give out your subscription list to a third party, don't do it, no matter how tempting the offer might be. This will help you build up trust with your customers.

Tip five:
One thing that is really important to do if you are going to be using email marketing messages is to include a link that allows the subscribers unsubscribe if they wish. On the unsubscribe page you can ask why they have chosen to discontinue receiving your newsletter or ways you can make improvements to get them back, but whatever you decide keep it short and to the point, not many people want to fill out a survey about why they no longer wish to receive the newsletter. Also let your subscribers know how long it will take to remove them from your emailing lit and what they can do if they continue to receive messages after that time period has passed.

Tip six:
If you are going to be using email marketing be sure to inform your internet service provider that you are going to be sending out legitimate bulk email so that they won't disconnect your service because they think you are a spammer.

Tip seven:
Your landing page is the first thing people are going to see once they click on your link so you want to make sure it does not irritate the user and visually belongs to its campaign.

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