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Using your website for marketing

Websites are a crucial tool that companies can use to successfully market their products and/or services. Many people go to a company's website before they even contact you or purchase anything.Here are few guidelines to using your website for marketing:

  • Get a unique domain name. It's best to include your business name. Or you could get creative and come up with a domain name that captures what your business is all about. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep it short. This will make it easy to remember. You can find many domain registering sites all over the Internet (these can be found through a simple Google search). Having a memorable and recognizable domain name will help people find your site.Once you have your domain name registered and your website established, advertise it.Be sure that your website's address is printed on your business cards, letterheads, any pamphlets, signs, everything. The key is to get that website out to the public.
  • Use keywords to direct people to your site. If you use the right keywords, people will find your site through search engines.To do this, think of some words that define what your site is all about. Use a variety of keywords - give singular and plural versions of each word, verbs, and other phrases that describes your business. The more keywords that match with the search criteria, the higher your site will be on the result list. This will drive much more traffic to your site and business to your company.
  • Make sure your site is well-designed and accessible. The name of your company and contact information should be obviously displayed. The services or products you offer, the descriptions, and prices need to be organized. One way to organize is through interactive menus or a tab system. The site should also have help options and a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  • Find a way to make your website useful for potential customers. Instead of just having a site where customers can just read about your business, consider adding (in addition to the information about your business) some interactive features or free services. For example, if your business is a mortgage company, you could include a payment calculator for anyone who visits your site.Not only would that be a useful to tool and a draw to your site for anyone looking to purchase a home, but chances are that they would finance their mortgage through your business because they want the payment amount quoted on your site. This only one example of a way to interact - get creative and find a way to make your site useful. It will require time and resources to get free services up and running, but it will definitely build traffic to the site.
  • Consider offering some kind of website-exclusive promotion or contest. You could offer a promotion code or printable coupon to those who visit your site. They could use this code or coupon both online (if you can do business through your site) or in store. A contest can also drive traffic to your site - people will sign up to win just about anything. One benefit to offering promotions, coupons, or contests, is that it gives you a way to collect visitor information and create a mailing list.If visitors want to receive any of the benefits on the site, they should be required to enter at least their name and email address. With this mailing list, you can send additional offers and newsletters via email.

There are many other ways to market with your website - these tips are just a starting point. The Internet holds many possibilities for your business and if you take the time to create a well-organized and useful website, your business will benefit in many ways.

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