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Email marketing tools

laptop30347484.jpgWhen it comes to marketing there are so many different marketing tools available, how can you find one that will actually help your business and spread the word about your products? One of the most overlooked marketing tactics that is perhaps one of the best is email marketing.

Email marketing is a way to stay in constant contact with your customers. Email marketing is a method to advertise and to promote your products and services for a lower cost and with minimal effort.

Email newsletters are a great way to promote new products and to teach your customers about new things pertaining to your industry or to your products. Depending upon the quality information you want to hand out to your customers, you may want to focus on sending out a weekly email to keep them in contact with your company. Some organizations prefer to send out monthly emails while some like to send out daily emails. Whatever option you decide, you do need to make sure you are not bothering your customers with them. Overwhelming the customers with emails will negate the purpose of email marketing as they will unsubscribe from your email mailing list.

There are a couple of strategies you have with email marketing, here are the two options to consider:
- Indirect marketing - this is when you are sending out emails to new customers. You most likely need to get email mailing lists from other companies in your industry in order to market your product in this manner. Indirect marketing can be a challenge as you may wind up with a number of email addresses that are invalid or the customers may never receive the email because it will go to their junk filter.
- Retention marketing - this is another email marketing strategy that is commonly used. This is a way in which you send out emails to your existing customers in order to keep them interested in your company, products, and services. Newsletters tend to be the most popular form of retention marketing as they are easy to create and you only need to send out one email to reach an entire audience.

In order for you to create effective email campaigns, you need to have a good message to share with your customers. Why are you sending out the email and are you planning to have it focus on attracting new customers or inspiring your existing customers to come to your website and buy additional products?

Choose a template that is easy to read. The email needs to be clean and get the message across in a clear manner in order to inspire the customers to do something about it. What are you including in the email and is it easy for your customers to see? If the email is not visually appealing, you may not attract the attention of your customers and you won't be able to get them on board with your new products. In fact, they will probably look for a way to unsubscribe from your email mailing list.

Watch the number of ads you include on the email. When you start to add too many ads to an email campaign, it can become distracting. You want your customers to actually read the emails and do something about them. Cluttering the email with ads makes it hard to read and the probability that they will click on the wrong ad is pretty high.

Choose a good time to send out your emails. Mondays are great as it gives you the entire week to answer phone calls and questions from the campaign. You need to send out promotional emails when you know you will have a staff around to service those phone calls.

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