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4 ways to optimize inter-office communication

Tip one:
Use an intranet if possible. An intranet allows you to post important information that your employees need to know about immediately. A lot of companies will post their policies and procedures on the intranet and when changes are made they will post a bulletin on the intranet talking about the change. Another thing that companies might post on an intranet is information about upcoming events. An intranet is a fast way to get out accurate information to all of your employees.

Tip two:
Use emails. While emails are not as informative as an intranet is they are perfect for informing employees in your department about department meetings, changes in deadlines, or changes in schedules. With emails you can send the memo to one person or you can send it to your entire department. To optimize your email you want to set clear guidelines about what is acceptable to email and what should not be emailed. For example if it is against your company policy to forward emails that contain inappropriate items for work you need to be specific with what your company considers inappropriate. Also another way to optimize your email communication is to remain professional, do not send emails that are cute or have pictures attached to the signature lines. Keep everything uniform within your company guidelines.

Tip three:
Take advantage of instant messaging. Instant messaging can optimize your company's inter-office communication because it is answered in seconds rather than minutes. In some cases seconds can count. If an employee is having a problem with a customer and can not solve their problem, but knows Jane down the hall knows the answer he can instant message Jane and get the answer he needs thus keeping the customer happy.

Tip four:
Regardless of what type of inter-office communication you are using the best way to optimize it is to remain professional. Keep everything short and to the point, do not ramble on about your kids or pets. Simply ask the question or respond with the answer and move on. While people might like to hear your stories on break or at lunch keeping it professional at works increases your productivity and will not get you in trouble by saying something you shouldn't have. If you are in doubt on whether you should say something or not, your best bet is not to say it.

Before the introduction of the internet, inter-office communication consisted of telephone calls and memos. While those have not been phased out the internet has created even more ways of using inter-office communications. With today's technology we can use instant messenger, video conferencing, email, and the intranet. This is to say that we do not still utilize the old ways of inter-office communication

Email is probably the most commonly used method of inter-office communication. It has replaced the memos that were hand delivered into your inbox.This helps increase the effectiveness of inter-office communication. With memos you have to type it up print out how many copies you need and then have somebody deliver them to the right people. With an email you simply type it once and include everybody's email address that you want to send it to and click the send button and it is delivered.

Intranet is also another popular form of inter-office communication. An intranet is similar to the internet, but is designed for a company's employees only. Nobody on the outside can access any of this information. Company's use intranets to share information with their employees without having to worry about who is going to read it. An intranet is only accessible by the computers in a certain network, so even though employees have access to the intranet at work they can not access that same information from home.

Communication is an important part in business, but often inter-office communication gets ignored because you are not dealing with customers. By keeping your inter-office communication professional you are helping to keep your company's good reputation.

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