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Small business marketing tips to consider

chart30392829.JPGWhen it comes to marketing a product, there are a lot of different strategies that you can use.Most people use methods like putting an ad in the paper, handing out flyers, or even making a television commercial.But if your marketing efforts aren't getting the results that you had hoped for, there are some less common marketing tips that may be right for you.Taking a different angle at approaching how you market your product may just be what you need to get your name out there and even save yourself some money in the process.

First of all, remember to market for the appropriate size of your business.It can be tempting to fall into the mentality of "the more customers, the merrier!"But sometimes cutting back on the number of people that you market to is the better business option.Small businesses really can't afford to be marketing like a big business.All that you need to be focusing on is providing information to your customers about your product and giving them a way to contact you.

Sometimes people want what you have to offer but can't afford to pay the price that you ask.If you are confident in your pricing strategy a good solution to this problem is to offer a cheaper or non-premium version of your product.In times of financial hardship, customers are more willing to accept a product of lower quality do that they can also get the lower price.Consequently, you now have the opportunity of offering a premium version of your product, a version that lives up to all of your quality expectations.You could also combine a number of products to make a premium package.The perceived value of a premium product is higher and therefore the customer will be willing to pay more.The result is that you widen your product line in terms of appealing to a number of price points, without all the effort of researching and developing entirely new products.

Sometimes having smaller ads that are more widely dispersed is better than having several long ads that are strategically placed. If your current marketing strategy is not working well for you, consider running more adds for the same cost by reducing the amount that you pay for each add.You may be surprised to find that your shorter ads may generate a better response than the lengthy ones.Another way to make the same amount of marketing money go farther is to combine your resources with those of other small businesses (that you do not compete with).For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you can work with the local florist and dressmaker to advertise your services together.You could also do something simple like agree to have their business cards at your front desk and in exchange they will do the same for you.The cost of joining forces with complimentary small businesses is low but the results can be surprisingly beneficial.

Treat your current customers well and benefit from the new contacts and referrals that they can generate for you.It is much easier to promote your business through your existing customers than it is to get new customers' attention by yourself.Take care of your existing customers by giving those discounts, exclusive access to new products, etc.Provide them with an incentive for bringing in new customers.What they can do to promote your business is much more personal, affordable and effective than anything that you can do yourself.

Through looking at marketing a little differently, you too can come up with strategies that can not only improve your marketing efforts but do so in a way that allows you to stretch your marketing budget farther.

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