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Online computer backup

organizedoffice16487189.jpgIf you have installed anti-virus software that protects your computer from harmful malware and adware, you also need to consider backing up your computer files. Many people neglect to backup their computer files or they put it off and the day comes when a virus infiltrates your system and completely wrecks your hard drive or you could lose everything because the computer suddenly crashes. Online computer backup is a great way to backup your files as you can access them from anywhere else in the world. You don't need a disk, flash drive, or external drive to get your family photos back.

Online computer backup is one of the safest ways to protect your data. If you choose to backup your data on your computer, people can still hack into your computer and you can easily have your information compromised. Online computer backup companies offer secured sites and they are constantly updating the security features to protect you from hackers and other threats.

Depending upon what type of computer backup you need, you can find sites that will literally backup everything for you or you can find sites that will do just the basics like photos, videos, documents, and music files. Some sites will offer the service for free (like or you will need to pay a monthly fee to have your files stored there. When you choose to use an online computer backup system, you must install their software onto your computer, and then you simply drag and drop the files you want to go to the online backup system and click "upload files". Depending upon the file sizes, it can take anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour.

In order for the online backup system to work properly, you do need to have a high speed internet connection. The reason why you need to have high-speed internet is because the software will send automatic updates to the storage facility. You can choose to have the information sent daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The first time you upload your files, it will take awhile. After the initial upload, it will be much faster as you are normally just updating the files. All of the files will be compressed and encrypted, to protect them from threats.

In addition to having your files backed up, you also have the ability to access them from anywhere. This will help you if you need to give a presentation and you forgot your PowerPoint show, you can log into the remote file and pull it up on a different computer. Having this type of access and storage will benefit businesses and individuals alike.

To access your files, you must establish a lock password. Just like online banking and other secured sites, the password allows you to access your encrypted files and it helps them to remain secure. If your computer crashes, you can easily install all the same programs onto your new hard drive by selecting "install all" from the web site. It may ask you a few additional questions like "do you need to restore your computer system?" There is a tutorial you can follow if you lose everything and it will help you easily restore your computer to its proper working order.

If you didn't install the automatic feature to have your files sent daily or weekly and you lose a project you were working on, the web site may be able to help you recover the document for an additional cost. An IT professional will need to log into your system and re-program the system and then restore your files. Having this service done can cost you over $200, which is why it's important to back-up your files often.

You can purchase online computer backup for about $5-$50 a month, it all depends on how much storage you need.

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