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Changing your sales technique to improve your small business

Changing your sales technique to improve your small business. In order to improve your small business profits you will need to change your sales technique.

Many companies are selling their products all over the continent. Taking checks and money orders thru the mail can be a slow process and can cause customers to shop at more advanced method of payment. There are firms who will collect funds for the sale and work as a `middle man' between the buyer and seller. Major web sites give the choice of using a number of checkout options.

One company is Papal. More are becoming popular. This method of paying for an item is a fast, easy, and secure checkout solution that increases sales. The Express Checkout solution "saves customers time, turning potential buyers into loyal shoppers" according to their advertising.

If your business is listed in the yellow pages, on the Internet, and service directories, then your customers can find you.

International buyers, as well as Dunn and Bradstreet listings use trade directories. On the Internet, `word of mouth' is not as feasible, so membership in the Better Business Bureau of your town helps reassure new customers that you are a first class business. If you have negative comments by dissatisfied buyers, these may show up also.

Also people moving into your area can find you listed. The cost of attracting new customers is high. Often an ad in the professional columns in the local newspaper is a good investment.

Internet search engines all promote their ad features. Google, Microsoftr adCenter, Yahoo ads, all these can help you reach millions of potential customers-and many have recently purchased online. They know how to fill their "cart" with products and
Have credit cards to pay for their selections.

There are also some customer service moves the whole staff can add to their daily dealings with customers that will increase customer satisfaction with your firm.

Listen. If your customer has a specific need for a product or service, try to accommodate them. If you cannot, perhaps a recommendation to the store down the street will be a great PR (public relations) move. Let your customers talk, and in their tickler file, (an index box, a computer file, in their customer file where orders are kept) make notes and when selecting products, keep the customers' needs on your list. A good owner knows that a strong point is being honest, forthright and open-minded. That owner also knows that talking to people about what their problems were and explaining to them the solutions in a way that they understood, using a lay persons language not highly technical terms. The syntax of your profession might not be anything your customer relates to.

Learn as much as you can about your customer's job or services offered. Sometimes a little extra time taken to dig out their needs in supplies or products can win a long time customer. This is a time when impersonal "take a number" trend has replaced the first name and handshake way of doing business. Keep that customer on a handshake level.

Make yourself a part of their team. Show them how your service, or your product, can help them become more successful, earn more income; have a better public image etc. It's a known principle, that "People buy greed".If your customer sees you are trying to boost their income or image, they will return to you. Teamwork!

Emphasize the benefits, help customers increase profits, beat the competition, or cut costs. Some people will come to you with questions about "how to" and the time you take to aid them, is a plus to increase your sales.

Lastly, check back occasionally; keep customers coming back by taking time to check to see if your products or services work well for them. They may well have a 2nd item or sale for you, as a result of this "TLC or tender loving care" you are offering.If there are issues, show concern and try to make the deal work best for them that you can, cheerfully.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression so put your best foot forward. Everything from the way you greet clients to your style of dress reflects directly on your company. Always be pleasant and helpful when answering the phone. People like to do business with happy, positive people.

Treat everything you do as gold, and your clients will, too. Your printing often is the first impression you make. So it is necessary to use good lay outs, and also freebees. For years a company named Fuller Brush, provided salesmen with pocket combs and various other freebees. This opened a lot of doors for sales.

Do the job you promised and don't let your customer down. Give referrals when you can't handle a job. Many of the contracts in the 21st century include fines or cuts in payment for late completion of the work. Give yourself and your employee's adequate time to do it without loosing your profit to a late fee. You can really grow through referrals. You up sell based on good reputation, quality, and ability to perform as promised.

Treating customers like they are of major importance can result in having a business that thrives for a long time. Remember that, without your customers, you may have no business. Treat them like they are the main reason you go to work, give an estimate, fill out a contract etc. And smile. Changing your sale technique to improve your small business the key to a better business future.

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