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Small business credit card loans; what you need to know

One of the biggest obstacles most people face when it comes to starting a business is funding. Starting a small business usually requires start-up costs in the thousands, and many people don't have the necessary funds already sitting in their bank accounts to start up a business.

If you can't get money from any other source, but you've done your homework and are certain that your business will recoup its start up costs and then some, credit cards are an option for helping you to cover some business related costs.

However, there are risks when it comes to getting

However, there are risks when it comes to getting small business credit card loans. A few things you will need to know concerning credit cards include:

- Watch the limits. Many credit card companies take advantage of people and offer high lines of credit. Make sure you can cover the payments if you plan on opening credit cards to start your business, taking into account interest payments, which are often up to 20% and even more in some cases. Always make sure you are not getting more money than you can pay back.
- Know the interest rates. Let's say you open a small business credit card that has a 20% interest rate and you keep a revolving balance of around $10,000 on it. That's $2,000 in interest alone you're paying each year. Make sure you are aware of the interest rates and realistically what they will be costing you each month and year. It's a good idea to get a card with the lowest APR, or annual interest rate, that you can find, particularly if you plan on carrying a balance month to month.
- Keep your cards paid down. Keep your business credit card(s) paid down, preferably below 30% of the credit limit. This will help make sure you can watch your payments. It will actually also raise your credit score, since it will be obvious that you're not relying on credit to get you by.
- Don't rely on your cards for everything. It's never good to rely solely on credit cards to run your business. You will soon find that you are overrun with debt, which could lead to the eventual downfall of your business.
- Consider using company credit cards. Company credit cards are a good idea for companies that have employees who fill in expense reports and are reimbursed. A company credit card will help reduce the risk of credit card fraud, as you can better track how your employees are spending.
- Get a card that pays you back. Many small business credit cards are trying to draw customers in by offering incentives. These can include everything from a percentage of the money you spend back to airline miles to free meals and lodging while traveling. Look for business credit cards that will pay you back to use them. At the same time, however, check to see if the cards have a cap on the amount of money or perks you can get back each year, as some companies will place limits on them.

A small business credit card can be very helpful in helping you to cover business expenses. The above tips are a few things you should know concerning business credit card loans and how to use them wisely.

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