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Using Conference Calls To Coordinate Offsite Teams

ladyonphone30745252.jpgOne of the best ways to coordinate the actions of offsite team members is through conference calls.

Conference calls allow all team members to be on the line at the same time, to talk about the issues at hand.

Unfortunately, if you don't choose correctly, this type of service can be very expensive.

But there is a new group of companies that actually offer totally free conference call services.

These companies make their money by getting a small payment from the long distance phone providers for each minute that people are online, so the service really is free for you!

These services can be used for:

  • Staff meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Discussions with outside suppliers
  • Calls where more than two people need to be on the line
  • Even family meetings, parties etc.

Some services, like this one, even provide the ability to record the calls and download them later for free.

These can be great time- and money-savers and do a great job of helping everyone to be on the same page.

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