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Affordable communication technology

It seems that with each year that passes by us, technology just gets more and more expensive.Sure, old programs and computers decrease in price, but anything new and top of the line is usually out of the average person's price range.So would you surprised to find out that there is still some affordable communication technology out there?

Let's start with cell phones.Almost everyone has a cell phone these days and some of them border on cheap!You can sign up for a cell phone plan for well under one hundred dollars.Many times cell phone providers even throw in a free cell phone with your new plan!And then you simply pay a monthly fee that varies depending on your coverage and features.

Cell phones do start getting a bit pricey when you move into the realm of iphones and blackberries.But even then, a decent blackberry or iphone can be affordable if you realize that it's more than just a cell phone.If all you want to do with the phone is make calls, then a regular cell phone is probably good enough for you.But if your work requires you to be constantly connected to the internet, a blackberry or iphone may be right for you.They can send emails, let you surf the net, and some even store pictures, videos, and music.Plans for blackberries run anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars a month.Blackberries can be purchased for around $250 while iphones are closer to $400.

Another communication technology that may get you excited!And the good news about email is that it's almost always FREE!Sure, you have to pay a fee to access the internet, but most people have internet access either at their home or their work.And most internet connection fees are under $50 a month.Email is one of the best ways to keep in contact with friends and family who are hard to get a hold of or spend a lot of time in front of a computer.You can get free email accounts at many different sites, including,,, and many others.It's simple to set up and easy to keep track of.You can access your email from any computer at any place in the world, which makes it an even more invaluable communication technology.Just be sure that when you're emailing you have a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Our third affordable communication technology is instant messaging.Similar to email, instant messaging allows you to connect with anyone around the world.And there are many times when just a quick exchange of messages with a co-worker or friend is all you need to keep things running smoothly or people updated.Instant messaging applications are usually free and can be downloaded from the internet.Typical programs include AOL instant messenger and MSN instant messenger.Bear in mind, however, that instant messaging programs may contain the same types of security and virus risks that email does.So be sure your computer is protected before you start instant messaging.Furthermore, many instant messaging programs require you to use the same program as the person you're talking to, so you may have to arrange the type of messaging you want to do with your friends, family, or co-workers.

Today, our lives without communication technology would be very difficult.We're so used to being able to just send a quick message and receive a quick reply.Luckily, many of these communication technologies are very affordable, if not completely free!So go out and get connected.

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