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Best web cams

Knowing how to pick out a web cam that is right for you depends on what your budget is, what you will be using your web cam for, and how much quality you want in your web cam picture.

The majority of web cams have rather poor video quality.They are fuzzy and do not focus particularly well; in the same vein, the majority of web cams also have poor color quality and poor sound quality.We all know this from watching home made videos made with web cams that have been posted on YouTube.

For the majority of people, a web cam that does not have particularly great image, color, and sound quality is not a very big deal.If you are just going to be chatting with your friends or posting videos of yourself on YouTube or on your blog, it really is not a particularly big deal if your web cam has stellar image quality or not.However, if you will be using a web cam to conduct business meetings, conduct interviews and sessions with clients and potential clients, or other important business related activities, then you will want a higher quality web cam.The cost that you will pay for a higher, professional quality web cam, will rise in conjunction with the higher picture and sound quality.

The first step to picking out the right web cam is by determining what your budget is.If you are purchasing a web cam for personal use, then you will probably be able to purchase a lower quality, and thus you will be able to spend less on your web cam.If you need a web cam for more important personal use, or for business use, determine in conjunction with your budget department and your accounting department how much money you can spend on technology, and then begin shopping for web cams as determined by that budget.

There are many different web cams available.Make sure that you talk to a sales representative at your store, or, if you are shopping for web cams online, do not hesitate to contact customer service for recommendations and to answer any questions that you might have about the different web cams that are available for purchase.

The 3Com HomeConnect web cam comes highly recommended by a number of different technology experts.A benefit to the 3Com HomeConnect is that it does not fall prey to the problems that so many web cams have when it comes to working in low light, which is that the majority of web cams have drastically poorer picture quality when the light is low.The 3Com HomeConnect maintains its high image quality even in low light.Also, the 3Com HomeConnect web cam comes with interchangeable lenses.You can thus change the lens depending on the area that you wish to film; the web angle lens is fantastic for capturing a large area.Unfortunately, the 3Com HomeConnect web cam is no longer manufactured; however, it is relatively easy to find on eBay and other similar online stores.Also, you can find a very similar product marketed under the name Watchport.

The 3Com HomeConnect web cam is the same product as the Watchport/V.Watchport is manufactured by Ion Networks, which can be found at can purchase a 3Com HomeConnect for around $50; however, the Watchport series is considerably more expensive than the original 3Com HomeConnect.

While the 3Com HomeConnect still continues to be popular among those who use it, one of the most popular and the best web cams available today is the Philips SPC900NC/00.It has newer drivers and newer software than the 3Com HomeConnect, which means that it will function better with the latest version of DirectX and H.324 web applications.However, its mounting mechanism is difficult to use and clumsy.

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