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Bluetooth Technology - Is it right for your business?

The best way to determine if Bluetooth technology is right for your business is to first learn what it is and then learn how you could use it to benefit your business.
Bluetooth Technology is a wireless, automatic, and inexpensive way to communicate between devices.There are many devices coming out with Bluetooth capabilities.Some include cell phones and handhelds.Bluetooth is a networking system that doesn't require a router.You can send information without the use of cables or an Internet connection.
Bluetooth technology uses a weak signal so it doesn't interfere with cell phone signal or other signals, such as the radio.Bluetooth technology usually has a range of 10 meters.This is due to the weak signal, it can not travel further than that.So if you have a huge business, Bluetooth technology won't be able to reach everyone no matter where you are in your building.The range it can travel is a downside to Bluetooth, as compared to other networking options.

If you have Bluetooth technology, it is important to make sure that you secure it.Since it is wireless, it is easy for someone to get information without your permission if you aren't careful.You can establish "trusted devices," which means you can exchange data with certain devices without asking permission each time.Then there are "untrusted devices," which must receive permission before allowing a user to open something received from another Bluetooth user.This way you can make sure what you are receiving through Bluetooth technology is secure.
How can Bluetooth technology benefit your business?Transferring and networking data becomes very easy and efficient with Bluetooth.A benefit to using Bluetooth to network data as compared to the Internet, is you don't have to worry about times when the Internet is "down" and not working.You can use Bluetooth devices to talk on your cell phone, without having to hold it to your ear.This allows you to be doing multiple things with your hands, and still carry on a conversation on the phone.If you are in a meeting or giving a presentation, you can send notes and/or files electronically to other computers or hand-held devices.Sending information is instantaneous.You don't even have to all be in the same room.Walls do not interfere with Bluetooth technology.
A master Bluetooth device can communicate with up to seven other devices.This communication between these eight devices is a network group called Piconet.There is one "master" device and other "slave" devices.The slave devices can either be in two settings, inactive or parked.The master device can bring them into active mode at anytime.
Bluetooth could help increase the communication of your business if it is used correctly.The whole purpose of Bluetooth was to unify different technology.If your business deals with many technological devices, Bluetooth is a great option.It is a way to link information between devices that you use.
There are some concerns with Bluetooth that you need to be aware of.One of the major concerns is the privacy of personal data.It is very easy to access other's personal data using Bluetooth.That is why it's important to secure your device and control what is being sent and received.Another concern are viruses.Like with any form of networking, if you have Bluetooth you run the risk of getting a virus in your company and passing that to other devices.Make sure your Bluetooth is secure as possible.You can do this by making sure each device that uses Bluetooth is secure.Make sure all your computers have the software needed to keep out viruses and protect your Bluetooth technology.

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