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Do I need to buy a separate phone to use broadband telephone?

With broadband telephones, you use the same traditional corded or cordless phone that you would normally use. You do not need to buy a separate phone. The main difference is that broadband telephones use the Internet to transfer the voice instead of the fiber optics cables used in the traditional phone lines.

Broadband telephones work like this. When you picked up your phone and dialed a call, using the traditional method of calling, there was a series of connections, which ran through the designated fiber-optic cable. This then sends the analog signal of your voice, through the cable, to the user on the other end of the conversation.

Broadband is simply any type of a transmission process that carries digital channel packets of a common wire of data over the Internet. The phone you are currently using works the same as far as setting up the call.

With broadband telephone service, you pick up the phone, dial the call, and then your voice is turned into data, this data is then compressed into much smaller packets, these packets are then sent over the internet through the network cables through to a computer on the other end of the call. These packets are then uncompressed and returned to a normal voice sound that the person on the other end of the call hears.

There is no need for a special phone, nor does the person you are calling need to be using a broadband telephone. With the VoIP, services available now days you can call anyone, anywhere, with little change in your equipment you have already at home.

There is a small amount of equipment that will be used when you are setting up to us broadband telephone. You need some form of broadband Internet connection. This can be cable, DSL, modem, wireless, or wired. However, the best result is with a high-speed connection like DSL, or Cable.

You will need a normal telephone. This can be a corded or cordless phone. There are special broadband phones that can be purchased. Vonage for example offers the WiFi UT Starcom F100. This is a pocket sized wireless Internet phone. This phone works with a wireless router, and can be used at WiFi hotspots worldwide. They do have benefits, however, this is not a requirement to being able to communicate through a broadband phone service.

You will need a type of digital voice converter. This connects to the existing Ethernet jack RJ-45. If you only have the single Ethernet connection, you will need to put a digital voice converter in the place between the DSL or Cable modem and your computer.

Most companies that set up your broadband phone service will make sure this equipment is brought, connected and working correctly for you.

The broadband phone will not interfere with the upload and download speeds of your regular Internet. This is because the VoIP service has a specifically designated route. This is great because you get to use the same Internet service but with the additional benefit of your telephone service and a dramatically lower cost.

In the beginning of this great new technology, there was many bumps in the road that had people wondering what this new technology would bring, and if it was worth the hassle. However, now there is a great deal of consistency and reliability with the use of broadband telephone services.

There is little to no snags in the process of making a call and maintaining a clear connection. The only things that appear to affect the broadband phone service are if your Internet was to go down or the router needs to be rebooted. These simple things are not hard to control or fix.

Very simply with broadband phone services available today you have many new options and services that cost significantly less than the traditional telephone services.

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