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How do I change my MSN Hotmail password if I forgot it?

How do I change my MSN Hotmail password if I forgot it?This is a great question, and a question that it seems like a lot of people need an answer for, based on how people ask the question.

Now let's say that you forgot your MSN Hotmail password.This could be because you don't use your account very often and when you try to log in, you just can't remember that blasted number letter combination.Or perhaps you were hit on the head very hard and can't remember anything at all, in which case you might not be able to get your MSN Hotmail password if you can't remember the answer to your secret question.More on that later.

Perhaps you've been traveling for months and you haven't had any access to email, since you've been in the middle of nowhere, and when you try to log in to tell your family that you're okay, your travel-addled brain simply can't remember that password.Whatever the reason, there's no reason to freak out because you can't remember your password.Hopefully.

Everything depends on how you set up your Hotmail account.Now there are a few things that you can do if you've changed your password.When you go to the MSN Hotmail homepage, look at the place where you type in your email address and then below that you type in your password.Right below the password field is a link that says "Forgot your password?"Click on it.

The next screen that you will see will have an extremely strange, almost unreadable combination of letters and numbers.You will have to type these characters that you see in the field directly below them.This little step is because there are computers out there that troll the Internet and try to get in people's email accounts.If they can hit upon just the right combination of letters and numbers-which they will try to do through complicated mathematical formulas-they can get into your email account and start spamming.These little copy-the-characters-below exercises are impossible for the machines to figure out.So this step is to ensure that you are, indeed, a living, breathing, human.

So if you can manage to correctly copy the characters, you'll be taken to a page that gives you two options:
--Send yourself a password reset e-mail message.
--Provide account information and answer your secret question.

Send yourself a password reset e-mail message
When you set up an MSN Hotmail account, you can choose to put down an alternate email address.You should do this.You should have done this.If you did put down an alternate email address, then this whole I-forgot-my-password-may-I-please-change-it business is a piece of cake.Just click on that link, and then Hotmail will send you a message to your alternate email address telling you how to change your password.But this only works if you put down an alternate email address when you set up the account, or sometime later.You can't do that now.

Let's go to the second option.

Provide account information and answer your secret question.
If you click on this link, you'll be taken to another page that is titled Confirm your account information.You'll have to enter in various information exactly as you entered it when you set up your account.So you'll have to give your country, state, and zip code.And then you'll have to answer a secret question.You choose this secret question when you set up your account.It can be something like "who was your first grade teacher?""who was your first kiss""where did you go on your honeymoon" "where did you wish that you went on your honeymoon" "what did you want for valentine's day" "what's the name of your pet fish" and other things like that.You have to remember the answer to your secret question.If you don't remember your secret answer to your secret question, then you are going to have to set up another account, because there's no way that you can get into this account.(Also: if you happen to forget your secret answer, you can change it, but only if you have your password.)

So you've answered your secret question correctly.Then you'll be taken to the screen titled Create a Password.Once again, you will enter in a new password, you will retype your password, and then you can choose whether or not you want your password to expire.Then Hotmail will prompt you to enter in an alternate email address, which you should definitely do at this time.It will make the whole process a lot easier the next time you forget your MSN Hotmail password and want to change it.

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