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How do I compress files


You have a file that you would like to send to a few friends through an email. Looking at your file you realize that it is too big to be emailed and you will need to make the file smaller if you are to send it out in an email. This is where you need to know how compress files.

File compression is widely used for reducing the overall amount of bits and bytes that are in any given file. Compressing these bits and bytes allows for your file to be sent at a faster speed or to take up a smaller amount of space on a disc. WinZip and Stuffit are the two most popular ways of compressing and then decompressing a file.

How do I compress files? First you will want to find either the online downloads for WinZip or another such file compression software. For the purpose of this article we will only be looking at how to compress files using WinZip with a picture file. If you do not already have WinZip downloaded on your computer you can find it easily by going to the WinZip website and downloading an evaluation copy onto your computer.

The next step in how to compress files is to create a WinZip file. Somewhere on your computer you should create a folder and save your collection of pictures to that folder. Making this folder available on the desktop will make it easier for you to find later on.

You will start WinZip by double-clicking the desktop icon. You can also start WinZip by going to Start, then Programs and finally WinZip. If you have the evaluation copy you will need to click on the I agree button which allows you to use the WinZip application as an evaluation only. The next steps on how to compress a file are as follows:


  • Close the tip screen that may appear on your desktop.

  • - You should be on the main WinZip screen. Click the icon for New.

  • - You will be asked where you want to save the WinZip file. Saving it to the desktop will save you time in searching for it later. You will also be asked what you want to call the newly compressed file. Call the file anything you want but it should be something you will remember later. Just randomly assigning names will confuse you when you need the files again.

  • - Click OK when you have the folder named and where you want it.

  • - This will bring you to the Add files screen. Find the folder with your pictures in it.

  • - Hold the Control Key as you click each picture you want to be added to the Zip file.

  • - When you are finished with this you will want to click on Add.

  • - Once the add button has been clicked by you the Zipped file will be created where you told it to in previous steps. I

  • - There should be a zipped file on your desktop or wherever you chose to put the file. The icon for a zipped file will look like a file cabinet that is held in a vise.

  • - Make an attachment of the Zipped file in emails or other document.

That is how you compress any type of file. Put any type of information or data into a folder that you want compressed. Follow the dialogue box prompts to compress the file. There are many different types of software you can use to compress files. WinZip is one of the most popular and perhaps the easiest to use.

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