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How do I send a text message on my cell phone?

You may ask how to send a text message on your cell phone.The answer to the question would be `it depends on what phone you have.'Phones do not have a standard.They keep changing almost daily.As each phone maker tries to out do their competition, they rarely will have the same options on their phones.

However, the basics will be the same for most phones.Most providers try to keep their phones they same also.So if you know how to send a text message on your verizon cell phone, you will probably still know how to send a text message when you upgrade your verizon phone.

The sending of text messages is also known as Short Message Service (SMS).This service is available on most digital mobile phones and many other mobile devices.The Short Message Service permits you to send short messages that are text only between mobile phones and other hand held devices.

Additionally, you can send text messages from your computer to your phone or a friend's phone.There are many different places that you can do that from the internet from.You can search for a service or try your mobile phone carrier.Sometimes sending texts is an added benefit to the services they provide.

Since each mobile phone service provider is a little different than the others, you can get a good idea of how your phone will work by reading the following example.

Go to the main menu.
-Select messaging.
-Select Text MSG
-Select Options
-Select Compose New
-You can either enter the recipient's phone number or you may have an option to select the phone number from your Address Book.You may also have an option to send the text message to email addresses instead of just phone numbers.
-Move to the Message box.You will probably have to use your arrow keys to move to the box.
-Type your message.You may find this difficult depending on the keyboard device you have to use.Some phones have small keyboards with keys.Other phones only have the standard number keys with a few other buttons.If you are using the number keys, you will have to touch the key multiple times to get to the letter you want.This is why Text Messages are often referred to as TXT.You will quickly learn to abbreviate your typing because it can get very tedious trying to type out a long message.
-Select Send.
-You may or may not get a confirmation when the message has been sent.

You will need to check your specific phone user's guide for specific instructions for your particular phone model.Most phones are basically the same, but each will have small differences that you will want to know about your specific phone model.

You may have several other options on your phone to make sending messages easier.For instance, you may be able to declare a group.This would make it easy to select a group of friends to send the same message to.For instance, if you were the soccer team captain and practice was delayed, you could make a group of all the soccer players.You could then send one simple text to the group and the entire team would know that practice had been delayed for the day.

In summary, sending text messages from phone to phone can be very simple.The steps to send the message are fairly simple and generic, but each phone will have their own specifics.You will need to read your owner's manual to get all of the details.

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