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How reliable is VoIP service?

As you are deciding about transferring your communication services from the traditional phone to a VoIP service phone, you might wonder how reliable this service is?

Communication is one of the most important functions in society today. Everything we do is centered on our communication process. From home phones, cell phones, email, chat programs, text messaging and every other way we communicate.

Therefore, the reliability of those communication systems is a very high priority to most consumers. This reliability in communication is the backbone of our everyday living.

With traditional phone services, we had the convenience of the majority of the bugs and changes already worked through. With VoIP communications being a young and new technology it still has gone through many of the stumbles that the traditional phone service went through many years ago.

However, those inconsistencies, and unreliable issues are a thing of the past. For the most part the VoIP communication services are reliable, have high quality and provide a valuable service to us at a more than fair price.

The first issues that came about with VoIP service was that it was limited. This limit consisted of both people on the call had to use an Internet connection, a computer, a headset, and microphone and finally the same software. These programs were like Skype, yahoo, and Ventrillo.

As time went by, the VoIP hybrid services like Vonage, AT&T and many others like them came about. With these services there was the choice to use a VoIP phone to use the internet to call or you could use a standard telephone and then use an ATA adapter to go between the standard phone and the internet.

A common set of issues when the VoIP hybrid services came about was the fact that depending on the broadband connection used, the calls could be choppy, have jitters, packet issues and latency issues.

These latency issues would cause the calls to have gaps in the communication. The jitter issues would have the calls sounding like there were skips on a record, and packet issues would leave parts of the conversations out or echoes would occur.

There were also problems with the emergency number 911 calls and that they were not being routed correctly. Which appeared to be mostly due to the wireless connections?

Calls were being dropped, lost or just did not have the quality of sound that the traditional phone services do.

Therefore, even though there was savings that occurred with going with a VoIP communication service, the first few years of this service had people asking if the savings was worth the hassle.

With each of these issues, the VoIP service providers found technical solutions to help provide a more secure and reliable calling service for us today.

Many of the solutions that have been implemented in order to improve the reliability of the VoIP services are:

  • Adding buffers for the jitter problems.
  • Created better adapters for the transferring of voice to data and data to voice
  • Designed software to correct the connection problems for the emergency 911 calls with the E911 service
  • There has now been created echo cancellers to correct the echo issues
  • VoIP Gateways to handle the delays

However, the issues are nothing compared with the growth and reliability of the current and future services that will be available by using VoIP. All the types of communication tools over the years have had their issues. It used to be that you had to talk louder on a long distance call. Alternatively, the cell phone and cordless phones we used had to be as big as it was heavy. Technology always is progressing and the VoIP communication services are evolving faster than most.

The reliability with VoIP is consistent and great for home, office, long distance, faxing and international calling. These services are available with not only a stronger than ever consistency, but also at a better price. What a deal!

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