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How to choose a cell phone provider for your sales team

In the business world, communication is the key to success.You never know when you may need to get in touch with an employee from the inventory department or someone from packaging, or your manager's personal assistant.Sometimes people can be your best resources and you want also be able to take advantage of that.This is why you should equip your sales team with cell phones under the same provider.Having one cell phone provider has many benefits (which will be discussed below) and is a good idea for any type of company.But how on earth can you choose from the many cell phone carriers?How do you know which one is best for your sales team?

Having one single cell phone provider for your sales team has many benefits.You can pay for your company's cell phone plan under one bill.Your phones get the same amount of coverage.Your phones are compatible with each other.And most importantly, you can usually get free minutes with your "in group network" meaning you can talk to anyone with the same provider as yourself for no charge.

So we've convinced you that having a single cell phone provider for your sales team is a good idea.Now how to choose that provider is the next big question.These eight steps should give you a great deal of guidance when trying to choose a cell phone provider for your sales team:

1. First, you want to estimate how much your company is willing to pay (in both up-front and monthly fees) for your wireless phone service.That may automatically eliminate certain providers that are too expensive.
2. Decide how much coverage you need.Will your sales team be traveling out of state on a regular basis?If so, you probably want wide coverage.But if they'll mostly be in state, you probably do not need a provider with very wide coverage.
3. Choose between digital and analog service.Digital service has more features, such as text paging and eavesdropping protection, but it usually costs more up front.But digital could save you money if your sales team is going to be using their phones extensively.
4. Search the web and yellow pages for wireless service providers.Review pricing plans, paying particular attention to roaming charges and calling charges during peak hours.
5. Look into special deals.Sometimes service providers offer free phones or great deals on phones when you sign up for a plan, especially when you're signing a large multi phone plan.
6. Ask around.You can learn a great deal about a cell phone company by talking to people who actually have that provider.If someone you know has had a certain provider for a long time and enjoyed his/her experience with that company, you may want to consider it as well.But if s/he has had a bad experience with a certain company, you may want to cross that company off your list.
7. Contact the provider(s) that seem to fit your needs best.Talking to the providers themselves may give you a better idea about the kind of service you're going to get, as well as more information that you may have gotten from the web or pamphlets.
8. Before signing a plan, review the terms of the contract to see if there are early-cancellation fees, or any other type of hidden fees.You wouldn't want to spend hundreds of dollars signing up for your multi phone plan and then realize 2 weeks into it that you've been scammed and your phones don't work, or the coverage is terrible, or the customer service is awful, etc.

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