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How to choose a PDA

There are several questions that you need to ask yourself when you are trying to choose the right PDA for you.There is a dizzying array of different options available for PDAs; there are innumerable brands that function PDAs, then there are a number of different models for each PDA, which means that you have to ask yourself which model of PDA has which option, which option you need, and which PDA model can fulfill those needs.Also, what kind of software should you choose for a PDA?

Overwhelmed yet?Well, rather than looking confusedly at all of the different models that are available and all of the different options that you can choose from with each different PDA model that you can choose from, begin by asking yourself a few simple questions that will help you determine which PDA is right for you.Beginning with these questions will make the entire PDA shopping experience immeasurably easier and simpler for you to navigate.

First question: what do you want to use your PDA for?
Before you even get to store to start looking for a PDA, decide what you want to use the PDA for.There are a number of different tasks that all PDAs do well, and they are the major reason that the majority of people choose to use a PDA: organizing a calendar, putting together your schedule, organizing various tasks, and collecting and organizing your phone numbers and different contact information.

What else can PDAs do?There are a number of different things that PDAs can do in addition to the tasks described above: some of them can carry large amounts of reference material, a number of them can actually let you store and organize PDF files, some of them let you email and surf the Internet while you are on the move, some PDAs allow you to play games, to organize and play your music, and do even more different things.

If you don't want all of these different options, then it is not important that you actually find a PDA that offers all of these different and various tasks.Going to the store with a game plan, already knowing what you want, can help you sort through the different options much more easily.

Second question: what is your budget?
You can find PDAs for a very wide range of prices.Some PDAs can be bought for as low as $100; these PDAs will offer you the most basic of options and tasks.The more expensive the PDA, the more it will be like your laptop.However, some less expensive PDAs can function just as well if not better than the more expensive PDAs.The PalmOne Zire31, for example, is only $150, and it can play your MP3s and carry all of your large reference materials by using its secure digital (SD) memory card slot.

PDAs that are in the $350 range can equipped with an incredible range of possibilities: wireless connectivity, either through wifi or Bluetooth, cameras, MP3 players, and document editing.What about $400?Spending $400 will get you more memory (even up to 128MB for your internal memory), more software that automatically comes with your PDA, and higher resolution for your screens.

Third question: how much do you want a PDA that is like your phone?
Some people like PDAs that function as their cell phone along with working as a PDA.They only want to use one piece of equipment rather than carrying around both a PDA and a cell phone.Other people prefer a PDA that will connect to their phone.If you want a PDA that will access the Internet and will let you email your friends, then you should probably shop for a smartphone.

Smartphones that use the PalmOS
PalmOne Treo 600 GSM- Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange (UK)
PalmOne Treo 600 CDMA - Sprint, Verizon Wireless
Samsung SPH-i500 - Sprint
Kyocera 7135 - Verizon Wireless

Smartphones that use PocketPC Phone Edition
Samsung SPH-i700 - Verizon Wireless
Hitachi G1000 Pocket PC Phone Edition - Sprint
TMobile PocketPC Phone Edition - T-Mobile

Smartphones that use Windows Mobile 2003
Audiovox PPC 4100 - AT&T
HP iPaq h6300 - TMobile
Samsung SPH-i600 - Verizon Wireless

RIM Blackberry Devices
Blackberry 6230 - TMobile
Blackberry 6280 - Cingular, AT&T
Blackberry 6710 - T-Mobile, AT&T
Blackberry 7230 - TMobile
Blackberry 7280 - AT&T, Cingular
Blackberry 7750 - Verizon
Blackberry 7780 - AT&T

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