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How to mount a flat panel television

Have you recently purchased a flat panel television?Flat panel televisions, also called flat screen televisions, are a lot of fun because they give the effect of you being in a movie theatre, looking at a film screen.Flat panel televisions are also nice because they do not take up a lot of space because they are flat.However, one of the downsides to flat panel televisions is that they can be a little difficult to mount!Many people prefer to not even deal with the hassle of trying to mount flat panel televisions by themselves - they will opt to call an installation company or maintenance worker to help them install their flat panel television.Many television companies even offer either free installation or the option of hiring an installer to go to your home and help you mount your flat panel television.If you are determined to mount your flat panel television yourself, however, there are a couple of steps which you should follow.Here are the steps for how to mount a flat panel television:

1) Choose a good location:Before even beginning to mount a flat panel television, you will want to pick the right location.Some people recommend that you should mount a flat screen television on interior walls, particularly if you have never mounted a flat screen television before.Also, make sure that the television is located in a place which will be easily seen by TV watchers.

2) Purchase a wall mount:You will need to purchase a wall mount that is compatible and suitable for your flat panel television.There are lots of different types of wall mounts available.Some of the popular types of wall mounts are OmniMount and Peerless.If you have a LCD flat screen television that is 37 inches or smaller, it is recommended that you choose OmniMount.If you have a flat panel television that is relatively heavy, especially a flat panel television that is heavier than a 42 inch plasma, then you should use the Peerless mount instead.When looking at wall mounts, you also might want to consider a mount which offers tilt.If you decide to get tilt, this allows you to tilt the display down slightly.
3) Determine the placement for the wall mount:In this process, you will also need to make sure that your power cable and video will be able to exit the wall and reach the destination for the flat panel television.You might need to use a stud finder in order to make sure that there is nothing to keep your cables from exiting the wall in the right location.
4) Install the wall mount:First of all, you will need to attach the wall mounts to the back side of your flat panel television.This will help you to better gage how your flat screen television will hang on the wall, because you will be able to see the relationship between the wall mount bracket and the wall.Place anchor bolts through the mount onto the wall.You can pre-start the anchor holes before actually placing them in, because they are rather hard to enter.Make sure that you cut a wall-box for the cables to go through as well.You can trace out a pattern for this wall-box if you are unsure of yourself.
5) Hang the flat panel television:After the mount is placed on the wall and your cables have gone through the wall box to their exit-destination, you can hang your flat screen television!Make sure that you have someone else help you hang the television, because it can be rather difficult.After this, make sure all of the safety tabs are locked into position, and you are all set to watch television!

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