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How to update your applications

Many people who use a computer are not entirely sure what an application is, let alone how they can actually update those applications or even why they should update the applications. Applications are programs that are installed on your computer that you can use to do different things. One of the most common applications that you will find on your computer is word processing software. But the reason that you need to update your application is because of glitches that can be found in the software. What usually happens is viruses attack some vulnerable part of the software so the makers of the applications offer updates to help protect your computer system from further harm. But another reason that updates are made available for your applications is because the makers of the applications have made improvements to the applications, basically the have created a newer version and to get the most out of your applications you are going to need to update the applications.

Difficulty rating: Easy

Step one:
The first thing that you are going to need to do is to go through your computer system to figure out which applications you have. You can find this information in the programs part of your computer or you can find it in the control panel under add or remove programs.

Step two:
The next thing that you are going to want to do is to find the websites for each of these programs. Some of the websites are simple and easy to find others you might need to look up in the information pamphlet that comes with the software program.

Step three:
Once you have found the website you are going to want to go to that website.

Step four:
Once at the website you are going to want to look for a link for updates, sometimes there is no link for updates but you will find information about new versions or versions that have just been released. You can also find out what version of the application you have by looking at the information file that is provided with each application.

Step five:
Once you have found the update or new version link you are going to need to click on it in order to begin the download. Sometimes you get taken to a separate website to download the new version but your browser will warn you before you go to the next website and ask if you want to proceed.

Step six:
Now you need to click on the download button in order to begin the download. This button is usually really big and easy to spot. You can also find it in more then one place on the page.

Step seven:
Once you have started the download a dialogue box is going to pop up that will ask you what you want to do next. It will give you three choices, save, run or cancel. You are going to want to choose either the save or run option.

Step eight:
The save option will allow you to save the update to your files. After you have saved it to your files you are going to need to install the update manually, but the good news is that you will always have the update on your computer in case it is needed. Whereas the run option will just automatically download the update and then apply it to the applications.

Step nine:
Once you have downloaded the updates you are going to need to restart your computer to allow the updates to take effect.

Other tips/resources:
- Most applications allow you to set up automatic updates. Basically what this does it detects the updates for your and automatically downloads them. You can choose to have them automatically installed or you can choose to install them yourself.

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