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MP3 devices you should have for your business

An MP3 is a compressed audio format.MP3 formatted materials are more easily transferred, recorded, and stored.As a result, it is not necessary to have a full size computer to be able to utilize MP3 technology.In fact, MP3 devices are becoming smaller and smaller.MP3 devices have all kinds of useful applications.People use MP3 devices for everything from recreation to the business world.Of course, some individuals may not need or want MP3 devices for their business.But for others MP3 technology is convenient if not vital to certain industries.

There are three main types of MP3 devices; flash-based players, hard-drive based players or digital jukeboxes, and MP3 CD players.You probably know these products by their brand names.But most MP3 devices are going to fall within these three categories.

Flash-based players

Flash-based players are devices that hold digital audio files. This audio information can be held externally and read internally, as is the case with memory cards.Flash-based players are not able to hold as much audio information as other devices, but can be upgraded to hold more than the standard rage of 128MB to 8GB.Flash-based players are often only one piece devices that are very resilient to being dropped or otherwise abused.Some examples of Flash-based players include the 2nd generation iPod nano and the SanDisk Sansa series of players.Flash-based players are not just for music but they can be used for any audible file, including those that you may use in your business.Conferences, lectures, training, etc. can all be distributed through Flash-based players and used to transfer information through an MP3 audio file.

Hard drive-based players (or digital jukeboxes)

Hard drive-based players are MP3 devices that read digital audio files from a hard drive. As a result of the direct link with the hard drive of your PC, hard drive-based players have higher memory capacities (1.5GB to 160GB) depending on the technology of the hard drive.Hard drive-based players are able to store massive amounts of audio files.In fact, it is possible for an entire music collection can be stored on a single hard drive-based player.

MP3 devices with hard drive-based players are the most commonly used devices in the business world.This is the case largely because of the memory capabilities that the hard drive-based players possess.These sorts of devices are more commonly recognized by their brands names. The newest device with MP3 technology is the iPhone (just recently released) but the ever popular and widely used Blackberry device is also very popular with most business people.

In the business world it is rare to see a multi-functional device come with just MP3 capabilities.Most devices come with other features that make the product such a great business tool. Just a few examples of the features that are available along side MP3 devices are internet access, GPS abilities, movie and music players (with Bluetooth technology), personal day planners, cellular phone, camera/camcorder, etc.Hard-drive based MP3 storage and play back technology can store up to 160 GB on a single hard drive.Because of the storage capacity, most of the video and audio that we view on the computer is hard-drive based.

MP3 CD players

MP3 CD players are devices that can play audio files directly from a CD-ROM or from an audio CD.Although less popular than the above mentioned types of devices, the MP3 CD players are convenient if you already have an MP3 audio file on disk and do not want to have to load it onto a hard-drive before being able to listen to it.

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